6 Ton Electric Arc Furnace Uzbekistan Bidding Project

6 Ton Electric Arc Furnace Uzbekistan Bidding Project

The 6 Ton electric arc furnace bidding project through nearly 3 months of communication and various amendments to the proposal, we finally signed a contract with the Uzbekistan government.

Preparations have already begun, and it is expected to be delivered to the other party in February.

More follow-up and larger capacity electric arc furnaces are also being further negotiated.


In order to respect customer requirements, some of the parameters of the 6 Ton electric arc furnace displayed are for reference only:

Electric arc furnace transformer rated power 5MB

IST technical characteristics:

Melting duration (complete cycle)-100 minutes;

Heating times per shift-3-4 heating times;

Productivity-Approximately 3.6 tons per hour

Lining material-Neutral refractory material;

Lining durability-up to 30 heats.

The electric arc steelmaking furnace is high-quality steel specially designed for smelting.

It fine-tunes its chemical composition and heats the resulting alloy to a predetermined temperature.

All metallurgical operations (smelting, oxidation period, oxide slag download, reduction period, alloying, deoxidation) to obtain the specified characteristic steel.

The particleboard design and system allow the use of high-quality slagging materials, deoxidizers, oxygen, carburizing agents and alloy materials, modifiers, and other materials to obtain a given composition of the resulting steel.

Economic Benefits of 20GL Steel Production

The comparison of the economic effects of one melt of the two technologies shows that the use of particleboard is more efficient than the traditional technology, so we chose to use particleboard technology.

We have been meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent, providing high-quality and high-efficiency electric arc furnaces to customers.

Customers appreciate our professionalism, products, and services.

We are also gradually contacting products that require larger capacity in the future.

All these have led us to continuously improve our products, technologies, and services, and strive to do better.

HANI Metallurgy is China manufacturer of Electric Arc Furnace, Induction Furnace, etc.

We can supply designing, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of the equipment with a “turn-key” service.

We can also design, manufacture and revamp other non-standard equipment according to the requirements of users.

For any of your demands and project, our professional product manager will offer you the right one at a nice price.

We welcome your contact the whole time.

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