Aluminum Melting Induction Furnace

Induction Furnace

Since aluminum is a non-magnetic metal, and its liquid resistivity is only about 1/4 of that of liquid steel or iron, the electric power of aluminum melting induction furnace heating is lower than that of steelmaking or iron melting.

The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment saves more than 80% more energy than the traditional aluminum rod furnace in the conversion process of electric energy, magnetic energy, and heat energy.

Aluminum profile is a high-energy-consuming industry. In terms of energy consumption of aluminum rod and aluminum rod on-line heating equipment on the market at that time, the traditional aluminum rod and aluminum rod on-line heating equipment needs to consume about 130 kg of standard coal to produce one ton of aluminum rod. The heating furnace only needs 18 kg of standard coal.

The aluminum alloy induction heating furnace has less energy consumption, a good working environment for the heat treatment process and less environmental pollution.

Induction heating furnace is an important piece of equipment for the heat treatment of aluminum alloy in industrial production.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum is large, and its heat loss is relatively small; but the small resistivity and magnetic permeability of aluminum lead to its low ability to absorb electric power during the smelting process.

Discussion on improving the electric power of heat-treated aluminum alloys in order to reduce the power consumption of the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace is not only of great significance for energy saving.

Put the aluminum alloy parts into the inductor, when the inductor is fed with high-frequency current, due to the effect of electromagnetic induction, an eddy current will occur on the surface of the part, and hysteresis effect will also occur (magnetic material under the effect of alternating magnetic flux, The oscillating friction of each molecule generates heat) eddy current and hysteresis effect cause the surface of the part to be heated rapidly.

Aluminum alloy induction heating furnace is an aluminum rod heating furnace. The heat treatment of aluminum alloy castings is to select a certain heat treatment specification, control the heating rate to rise to a corresponding temperature, keep it for a certain period of time, and cool it at a certain speed to change the structure of its alloy.

Its main purpose is to improve the mechanical properties of the alloy, enhance corrosion resistance, improve processing performance, and obtain dimensional stability.

The power supply of the aluminum alloy induction heating furnace is 50KW, the frequency is 2500Hz, the incoming line voltage is 380V, 50Hz, three-phase five-wire system, the intermediate frequency voltage is 700V, and the heating temperature is 450°C.

The heating method adopts manual swinging, and the material is automatically pushed according to the beat set by the equipment metronome. The heating time of a single piece is 30s, and the burning loss rate of hair damage is greatly reduced.

At present, the structure of induction heating furnace in my country is basically a single coil power supply form. The temperature gradient is mainly generated in two ways:

Adjust the distance between the aluminum alloy tube rod and the sensor outlet (shrink head) to form a temperature gradient, but this method cannot form a higher temperature gradient, and when the length of the aluminum alloy tube rod is slightly longer, it cannot meet the needs;

By changing the density of the coil when manufacturing the inductor, the power obtained by the front and rear parts of the aluminum alloy tube and rod is different, and a temperature gradient is made. However, the temperature gradient in this way is fixed and the adaptability is poor.

The utility model is composed of a furnace body, an inductor, a feeding mechanism, a feeding mechanism, a discharging mechanism, an electrical system, a temperature measuring system, a hydraulic system, and a water cooling system, and the inductor is composed of a heating coil and a warming coil.

Accurate control of the temperature gradient is achieved, adapting to the requirements of various conditions and working conditions, and has strong adaptability.

Aluminum rod online heating equipment is an ideal high-end equipment for the aluminum profile industry to improve production efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption; the power consumption is small; the mold heating speed is fast, the internal and external temperature is uniform, and the surface finish is less oxidized and high.

Ensure high-efficiency heating and prevent mold cracking/broken bridges: Improve the safety and reliability of the mold and prolong the service life of the mold.