Conductive Cross Arm For EAF LF

Conductive Cross Arm For EAF LF

Conductive cross arm of electric furnace is a rectangular beam structure, which is welded by copper-steel composite plates.

The copper plate on the outer surface is conductive, which combines the two functions of conduction of the electrode cross arm and support of the electrode into one.

Since the conductive copper tube and many insulation links on the traditional electrode cross arm are cancelled, the structure is simplified, the flow conducting area is increased, and the impedance value and the maintenance workload can be greatly reduced.

It can be widely used in 5T-100T electric arc furnace and large-tonnage ladle refining furnace.


The conductive arms of the electric furnace are used to clamp and support the electrodes, and transmit electrical energy to the electrodes to heat them up.


The conductive cross arm is composed of electrode spray ring, electrode hoop, electrode chuck, electrode soot blowing device, electrode clamping system,

cross arm body, water inlet pipe, return water pipe, oil inlet pipe, metal hose, and water cooling cable connection plate.


1. The product is made of copper-steel composite plates welded to form the electrode cross arm, in which the copper layer is used for conduction, and the steel layer is used to support various mechanical forces.

2. There is a water interlayer in the electrode arm frame, which is cooled by water and can withstand the burning of the electric furnace flame.

3. The electrode clamping adopts the form of butterfly spring, which drives to hold the electrode tightly, and starts or hydraulically releases it.

The clamping force is large, and the clamping electrode is reliable.

4. The electrode chuck is made of copper alloy or copper-steel composite plate, with internal water cooling and long service life.


Conductive Cross Arm Mainly Has The Following Advantages:

1. The use of hollow section and double-layer copper-steel composite plate greatly reduces the skin effect, reduces the impedance, and improves the electric heating efficiency;

2. The box-shaped structure of the hollow section and the internal water cooling channel greatly enhance the strength of the cross arm.

3. It’s conducive to the adjustment of electrode movement without causing vibration, which is conducive to the stability of the arc;

4. The weight is lighter than the traditional steel pipe cross arm, and the inertia is small, which is conducive to the frequent lifting and adjustment of the electrode.

Design Requirements

The design requirements for the conductive cross arms are:

Light weight, good stiffness, low impedance and long life.

One end of the electrode cross arm is supported on the upright column, and the other end clamps the electrode, and has a lifting function.

The light weight of the conductive cross arm means that the driving work of the electrode column for the lifting and lowering movement is relatively reduced.

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