Continuous Caster – Three Electric Control Systems

Continuous Caster

Characteristics of Three Electric Control Systems of Continuous Caster

Basic automation system

Characteristics of Three Electric Control Systems of Continuous Caster: Basic automation system; Electric drive and instrument system; Power. The electric control system of the continuous caster is mainly composed of the electrical, instrument, operation control station, and PLC. Through the interaction and coordination of this equipment, it not only realizes the field data acquisition and process control to a great extent but also improves the use sequence of equipment and the specific effect of operation monitoring.

Finally, good billet quality control is formed, which has a significant effect.

Electric drive and instrument system of continuous caster

The arc-shaped billet caster forms a manual switching mode through two incoming lines. The motor transmission mechanism is divided into two control modes: ordinary AC and AC frequency conversion. The instruments used in the process mainly include an electromagnetic flowmeter, transmitter, and temperature meter. As the core component of molten steel temperature measurement, the use of consumable thermocouples and secondary instruments not only improves the monitoring effect but also helps to form secondary data and provide help for subsequent data analysis.

Power purification device and anti-interference system

The power purification device is the premise of stabilizing the operation level of the continuous caster. Because the most important core element of the continuous caster is continuity, in order to improve the continuity of square and circular billet arc continuous caster, it must be reflected and maintained through the stability of electrical equipment. In practical application, the casting flow and industrial PLC system can realize voltage transformation through an isolation transformer, realize electrical integration by changing 380V into 220V, promote the automation level of three electricity integration, and set a separate grounding device through the PLC system to reduce the interference of electrical equipment and improve the operation efficiency of PLC.

Fault Countermeasures of operation station and PLC Treatment Countermeasures

Generally speaking, in order to deal with unexpected fault events, the main operating room needs to prepare two operating stations at the same time, so that when one has problems and faults, it can be standby monitored by rapid switching, so as to improve the operation stability of PLC processor and provide necessary equipment guarantee and system guarantee for the safe operation of the whole process.

As advanced continuous casting equipment, the arc continuous caster for square and round billets can improve the quality level of billets and promote production efficiency through systematic automatic control. Because this metallurgical equipment has a switchable effect, it not only increases the overall operation economic benefits of the enterprise but also avoids the problems of high maintenance pressure and the heavy burden caused by repeated procurement of metallurgical equipment.

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