Electric Arc Furnace Electrode Arm

Electric Arc Furnace Electrode Arm

Electric arc furnace electrode arm are manufactured with electrode size of 100-800mm as standard and are suitable for ultra-high pressure furnaces, AC electric arc furnaces, DC electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces.

Our conductive electrode arms are melt shop designed and tested and proven to provide efficient cooling and reduce electrical losses.

High-strength steel can improve electrical conductivity and current-carrying capacity.


Advantages of Steel Electric Arc Furnace Electrode Arm

Applicable electrode size: 100-800 mm

Reduced operating costs

Improved shutdown time efficiency

Easy maintenance

Optimized for symmetry

Improve the efficiency level of the electric furnace

Advantages of Aluminum Electric Arc Furnace Electrode Arm

Applicable electrode size: 100-800mm

Weight: 30% lighter

Lower resistance

Better control over work dynamics

Easier to maintain and operate

Can better adjust product performance


Electric Arc Furnace electrode Arm Specifications & Features

Spare parts assemblies are replaceable – copper/steel to aluminum

Simple clamping system

Cooling water flow optimized according to customer requirements

Individual temperature monitoring of individual components is possible

Electrode guide

Spray ring with heat shield and ceramic coating

Aluminum with optional transport hook

Easy-to-replace cables

HANI Metallurgy offers lead electric arc furnace electrode arms as well as traditional steel arms with copper busbars.

No matter what kind of electric arc furnaces, induction melting furnace, submerged arc furnace, Ladle refinging furnace etc., Hani Metallurgy will provide suitable, professional, efficient and low energy consumption induction furnaces to every customer according to specific raw materials and melting requirements.

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