Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

Electric arc furnace steelmaking is a steelmaking method that uses electric energy as a heat source.

It’s an electric arc generated by the discharge between the electrode and the charge.

Which converts the electrical energy into heat energy in the arc light, and heats and melts the metal charge and slag by the direct action of the arc radiation and the arc, and smelts a variety of qualified steels and alloys. A steel making method.

Features of Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

(1) Electric energy is used as heat source to avoid the pollution of molten steel by burning fuel, and the thermal efficiency is high, which can reach more than 65%;

(2) The temperature of the smelting bath is high and easy to control, meeting the requirements of smelting different steel grades;

(3) Electrothermal conversion, the power input to the molten pool is easy to adjust, so it is easy to realize the automation of the molten pool heating system, and the operation is convenient;

(4) Electric arc furnace steelmaking can consume scrap steel. It is a process of recycling and reusing iron resources, and it is also an environmental protection technology for dealing with pollution.

It‘’s equivalent to a recycling tool for scrap steel in the steel industry and society.

Due to the good renewability of steel and the increasingly stringent requirements in terms of environment, resources and energy, it has become an international trend to utilize as much scrap steel as possible.

If scrap steel is not effectively recycled and utilized, it will become a huge potential source of environmental pollution, and some may even pose a serious threat to water quality and soil.

A large amount of corroded steel waste will not only cause waste of resources, but also cause serious dust pollution.

The accumulation of scrap steel itself also has a negative impact on the environment.

(5) The flue gas pollution and noise pollution in the steelmaking process are easy to control;

(6) The equipment is simple, the steelmaking process is short, the land occupation is small, the investment is low, the factory construction is fast, and the production is flexible.

The large amount of solid steel products produced by the steel industry will be a huge potential source of environmental pollution if not taken seriously.

Some may even pose serious threats to water quality, soil, and more.

(7) For metal smelting, the electric arc furnaces is more flexible than other steelmaking furnaces, and can effectively remove impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus.

The furnace temperature is easy to control, and the equipment occupies a small area, which is suitable for the melting of high-quality alloy steel.

Today’s steel production can be divided into two major processes: “from ore to steel” and “from scrap to steel”.

Compared with the conventional process represented by blast furnace-converter steelmaking in iron and steel complexes, the electric arc furnaces steelmaking production line with scrap as the main raw material has the characteristics of less process, low investment and short construction period, so it is called short process.

In recent years, the short run has more specifically referred to those compact production processes that combine electric arc furnace steelmaking with continuous casting and continuous rolling.

By comparing the two recent processes, it can be seen that the short-process steelmaking represented by the EAF has obvious advantages in terms of investment, efficiency and environmental protection.

Comparison of two major processes of blast furnace-converter steelmaking and electric arc furnace steelmaking

CategoryBlast Furnace–Converter ProcessElectric Arc Furnace Process
Investment, USD / ton1000-1500500-800
Energy consumption from raw material to molten steel, Standard Coal / Ton of Steel703.17213.73
Transport capacity requirements from raw material to finished product, T / T Steel15.89.48
CO2 Emissions, KG / Ton Steel2000-3000800
Comparison of two major processes of blast furnace-converter steelmaking and electric arc furnace steelmaking

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