Electric Furnace Steelmaking Production Develops Rapidly

Electric Furnace Steelmaking Production Develops Rapidly

At present, the electric furnace steelmaking method is developing and growing rapidly, and its growth rate exceeds the growth rate of the world’s total crude steel production.

In the world’s major steel-producing countries, electric arc furnace steel accounts for more than 1/3 of the total output.

In 1990, the output of electric arc furnace steel in the United States was 33.511 million tons, accounting for 37.3% of the total crude steel output of 89.726 million tons.

In the same year, Japanese electric arc furnace steel accounted for 31.4% of total steel production, and European Community electric arc furnace steel accounted for 31%.

Electric Furnace Steelmaking Production Develops Rapidly

① The electric furnace steel plant is a short-process production process. Compared with the blast furnace-converter combined enterprise, the investment is saved by 2500, the area is reduced by 1/2-3/5, and the construction period is shortened from 4 years to 1-1. 5 years.

② Compared with the blast furnace-converter steel holding process, the energy consumption is reduced from 5469MJ/t steel to 2877MJ/t steel, which is approximately reduced by half.

③The combination of electric arc furnace, external refining and continuous casting, followed by a high-efficiency continuous rolling mill, can better adapt to product specialization, variety diversification and changing market demands.

④After the 1950s, after the oxygen converter steelmaking replaced the open hearth furnace, the accumulation of scrap steel in industrialized countries increased, and the development of metallized pellet production was an important factor in promoting the development of electric arc furnace steelmaking.

⑤The main sources of environmental pollution from electric furnace steelmaking plants are smoke and noise generated during the smelting process, which are easy to control.

⑥ With the development of ultra-high-power electric furnace technology and out-of-furnace refining technology, electric arc furnace production has transitioned from being mainly limited to the field of special steel to the production of all steel types, and with its high efficiency, flexibility, low cost, and short process High quality, showing great vitality in the fierce market competition.

⑦ Breakthrough progress in electric furnace technology has provided a solid foundation for the development of electric furnace production.