Electric Induction Furnace Suppliers

Electric Induction Furnace Suppliers

Hani Metallurgy is one of the high-quality electric induction furnace suppliers and manufacturers. High-efficiency induction furnace & to melt various metals and save energy.

The main products of Hani Metallurgy include intermediate-frequency furnaces, intermediate-frequency electric furnaces, intermediate-frequency heating furnaces, intermediate-frequency melting furnaces, intermediate-frequency induction furnaces, etc. It is a professional supplier of fully automatic induction furnaces.

Induction Furnace Composition

Induction furnace from Hani Metallurgy electric induction furnace suppliers consists of medium frequency control power supply, capacitor cabinet, furnace body (aluminum or steel), mechanical (hydraulic) pour heater unit, water distributor, crucible mold (graphite crucible, iron crucible), water cooling cables , connector copper and other components

Electric Induction Furnace Suppliers Support Optional Equipment
Electric induction furnaces support optional equipment including incoming line transformers, high voltage switchgear, water cooling systems, furnace changer switches, gas leakage alarm devices, and lining ejection devices.

Hani Metallurgy induction furnace supplier provides a new generation of intermediate frequency induction furnaces has the advantages of energy-saving effect with little impact on power, high melting efficiency, uniform temperature, small oxidation loss, easy control, and good heat preservation effect.

The medium frequency induction furnace control system provided by Hani Metallurgy electric induction furnace suppliers adopts the thyristor AC-DC power conversion principle, digital no relay control, has high reliability and anti-interference ability of high working frequency, has automatic tracking function, and the working process Automatically matches load and power without human intervention.

It has over-current, over-voltage, phase loss, and insufficient water pressure protection capabilities so that any failure of the equipment during operation will not damage the components, reducing the use and maintenance costs of the equipment.

Single crystal drawing with penetration heat, melting, brazing, heat treatment, sintering, etc.

The temperature feedback system can be added, and the composition of the temperature closed-loop automatic adjustment system: increase the separation temperature attached to the machine to achieve the workpiece station that only sends the qualified forging temperature.

Add a special interface to accept PLC or “man-machine interface” to realize the intelligent control of industrial machine control and heating system, coupled with an intelligent temperature controller to accurately control the temperature of smelting.

Electric Induction Furnace Technical Parameter

Rated CapacityKG10-5010015025035050075010001500200030005000
Rated powerKW501001001301802504506001000125015002500
Input voltageV380380380380380380380380-2380-2380-2380-2660-2
Transformer capacityKVA601201201502003155008001500180020003500
The output voltageV750750750750750750150025002500250025003500
Output frequencyKilohertz2.51111110.
Melting timeMinute20-6020-6030-7030-7030-7030-7040-8050-9050-9050-9060-10060-100
Power consumption (steel)KW.H / T900850850800750700650620600580570560
Power consumption (cast iron)KW.H / T850800800750700650630610580570560550
Power Consumption (Copper)KW.H / T500500500490480480400390380360330310
Power Consumption (Aluminum)KW.H / T780750750710670620600570540520500500
Water coolingTon/hour3557810151825283543