Electrode Arm For EAF Steelmaking Melt Shops

Electrode Arm For EAF Steelmaking Melt Shops

Electrode Arm for EAF Steelmaking Melt Shops

HANI Metallurgy Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer’s Newest 75 Ton Horizontal Feeding Arc Furnace Cross Arm.

By installing a set of device composed of adjustment support, adjustment screw, adjustment nut, insulating sheath and other parts on the electric arc furnace lifting mechanism.

The adjustment of the front, rear, left, right, and right directions of the electrode cross arm can be realized to achieve the purpose of adjusting the electrode pitch circle.

At the same time, it can be fixed after adjustment to ensure that the electrode pitch circle does not change due to equipment vibration.

The device is simple in structure, low in cost, convenient in use, greatly improves maintenance efficiency, saves manpower, and has high promotion value.

Electrode Arm For EAF Steelmaking Features:

The cross arm can be used as both a supporting part and a conductive part, which simplifies the short net structure.

The conductive transverse arms of the two sides are arranged symmetrically with respect to the conductive transverse arms of the middle phase.

The elevation of the middle phase and the side phase is required according to the arrangement of the short grid, and the value of the elevation dimension is obtained from the calculation of the three-phase balance of the short grid.


Electrode Arm for EAF Steelmaking Advantages

High power input improves production efficiency;

Improved impedance and reactance indicators;

The arc symmetry and stability are good, and the pitch circle diameter is small, which reduces the consumption of refractory materials;

The rigidity of the electrode cross arm is large, and the electrode can be adjusted quickly without causing large system vibration;

The electrode cross arm is effectively cooled and insulated;

Reduced maintenance work.

The conductive cross arm is an important part of the electric furnace.

A good conductive cross arm should have the advantages of excellent electrical conductivity, good processability, long service life of each component, and convenient inspection and replacement of wearing parts.

Electrode Arm Arm Body

Shape: The height is larger than the width of the rectangular body. There are two cooling methods: hollow interlayer water cooling and integral water cooling, and most of them are made of inner and outer interlayer integral water cooling.
Because water leakage and eddy current are easily damaged by overheating, the problem of oil leakage and eddy current phenomenon is solved after the material is changed, which not only greatly improves the service life, but also reduces the maintenance amount.
In order to make the cooling effect better, the cross arm is made into upper and lower compartments, and the cooling water enters from the lower layer and flows out from the upper layer.

Material: Copper-steel composite plate: the outer layer is copper plate, the inner layer is steel plate, and the two are welded together by explosion.
The outer part of the electrode arm is usually made into a rectangle, the outer copper plate is used to conduct electricity, and the inner steel plate is used as the support arm.
Use copper plate instead of conductive copper pipe.
It can greatly increase the conductive area, greatly reduce the reactance and resistance value, and increase the power by 3%-6%.

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