Functions of Ladle Refining Furnace

Functions of Ladle Refining Furnace

Functions of ladle refining furnace & furnace technical advantages, HANI will take you to understand.

The Refining Process of LF furnace is:

After the molten steel tank enters the station, 500-800kg of lime and a certain amount of fluxing slag are added, and then heated, and the heating gear is not changed during the heating process.

The defects of this process are: LF furnace slag melting is slow, heating noise is loud, energy consumption is high, and the power consumption per ton of steel is above 29.5kWh, which greatly increases the smelting cost.

Functions of Ladle Refining Furnace:

1.It has the function of heating up molten steel and keeping it warm.

The molten steel is heated by an arc to obtain new heat energy, which not only enables the addition of alloys and adjustment of components during ladle refining, but also the addition of slag, which facilitates deep desulfurization and deoxidation of molten steel.

Moreover, the starting temperature of the molten steel required for continuous casting is guaranteed, which is beneficial to the improvement of the quality of the dry casting slab.

2.Argon stirring function.

The argon gas is blown into the molten steel through the breathable brick installed at the bottom of the ladle, and the molten steel obtains a certain stirring function.

3.Vacuum degassing function.

After the ladle is hoisted into the vacuum tank, a steam jet pump is used for vacuum degassing, and at the same time, argon gas is blown into the molten steel through the bottom of the ladle to stir the molten steel, which can remove the hydrogen and nitrogen content in the molten steel, and further reduce the oxygen and sulfur content. Finally, the liquid steel with higher purity and the material with superior performance are obtained.

4.LRF is used to desulfurize steel, remove other impurities, and maintain molten steel for casting operations.

5.The ladle refining furnace also plays a buffer role between the steelmaking furnace and the continuous casting machine, which reduces the casting cost and makes the steelmaking operation more flexible.

6.The application of the ladle refining furnace can at least increase the following benefits for the entire enterprise: speed up the production rhythm and improve the overall metallurgical production efficiency.

Application field: ladle refining furnace is widely used in industry, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industries.


Technical advantages & functions of ladle refining furnace

a. Low power consumption

The high-current system of the ladle refining furnace uses pure copper as the conductive medium, and the resistance of the entire circuit is small. Fully considering the skin effect when the current passes through the conductor, the cross arm adopts a box-shaped copper-steel composite plate structure, which can effectively reduce the resistance and heat generated on the side. Reasonable high-current system layout makes each current impedance smaller.

b. Optimized structure, lower failure rate and lower cost

The clamping device for the three electrodes is installed in three sets of short arms, controlled by a set of cross arms and column supports. This method optimizes the original three cross-arm columns, which makes the cross-arm system structure simpler, takes up less space, lower failure rate, more convenient control, more convenient maintenance and lower cost.

c. Safe and stable

The whole set of hydraulic drive is equipped with an accumulator, which plays the role of stabilizing the hydraulic system and making the equipment run more stably. At the same time, in sudden accidents such as power outages, the unfinished operations of the equipment can continue to be performed, which improves the safety of smelting.

d. Simple and convenient operation

The electrical automation control adopts man-machine interface, the interface simulates the real furnace body form, and the operation is convenient. Batching, feeding, smelting and tapping can all be operated on the computer.

e. Cooperating with our company’s hot-fill plug rod system, the number of pouring times is more, the operation is more convenient, the installation is more convenient, and the cost is lower.

f. It can be equipped with an automatic temperature measurement and sampling system to make the operation safer and more convenient.

g. We are equipped with a variety of dust removal systems, which can be equipped with different forms of dust removal equipment according to the environmental protection requirements of different countries.

HANI METALLURGY offers different specifications of Ladle Refining Furnaces (LRF) for increasing the temperature and adjusting the chemical composition of the molten metal. Without LRF, higher tap temperatures from steelmaking furnaces are often required due to heat loss during conventional ladle refining. Ladle refining of liquid metals is a well-established technology that produces high-quality steel.

Above of functions of ladle refining furnace for your reference. More details welcome to follow us!