Induction Furnace Build

The induction furnace build by Hanmetallurgy is a heavy and high-strength furnace body manufactured according to international standards, which has the advantages of safety and reliability, good rigidity, low noise, low electromagnetic radiation, dust prevention, and easy maintenance.

Our steel shell furnace body combines the advantages of open and closed steel shell furnaces. The ingenious design makes the electric induction furnace body more safe, reliable, low electromagnetic radiation, low noise, good shock absorption effect, dust prevention, high strength, easy maintenance, and other advantages.

In order to facilitate the daily maintenance of the furnace body, we have designed a maintenance window, which is usually closed with an aluminum alloy plate. Vents are designed at the bottom and top of the furnace to facilitate the discharge of moisture during the drying process.

The closed steel shell furnace can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation for the second time, and the radiation amount is only 30% of the open furnace body; The noise is equivalent to 70% of the same kind of equipment. During the production process, dust and iron filings can be prevented from being sucked between the coil and the yoke, so as to prevent the coil from adhering to the iron filings or dust from discharging the yoke and damaging the equipment.

The solid magnetic yoke and the upper and lower Faraday rings of the coil guide and gather the induction magnetic field into the molten pool. This design eliminates the induction heating of the furnace body and the metal objects outside the furnace. Each cooling water circuit has flow, temperature protection and temperature display.

The closed furnace body includes the closed furnace frame, furnace cover, induction coil, magnetic yoke, furnace mouth and furnace bottom pouring block, tilting furnace oil cylinder (with explosion-proof valve), furnace cover lifting mechanism, a complete set of stainless steel distributor and water temperature and water pressure protection device, high-pressure carbon-free rubber hose, anti-drop device, furnace lining material and furnace lining quick release mechanism.

The closed steel frame structure of the induction furnace build adopts a thick-walled cylinder and ingeniously designs the window in combination with daily maintenance, overhaul, vibration reduction, noise reduction, electromagnetic radiation reduction, dust prevention, and other aspects. The overall structure is simple and solid, with a maximum tilt angle of 95 degrees.

The welded steel structure of the induction furnace build is equipped with proper support and clamping pieces to fix the induction furnace coil and magnetic yoke; The upper part of the induction furnace can be removed to facilitate coil replacement.

The magnetic yoke is uniformly stressed on the rail connection bolts and provides the maximum holding force for the coil to ensure the long service life of the furnace lining. The yoke is made of a high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. The coil is in arc contact with the magnetic yoke, which is accurate. At the same time, multiple sets of the magnetic yoke are reliable and firm, easy to assemble, disassemble, adjust, and repair, and evenly distributed along the circumference; The gasket is made of high-quality insulating materials.

Short circuit rings are installed at the top and bottom of the furnace.

The composite leak-proof probe is safe and reliable. When the molten iron is immersed in or about to penetrate the refractory material and close to the coil, it will automatically cut off the power supply and give an alarm.

The furnace bottom structure meets the requirements of removing the furnace lining by using the furnace lining pushing mechanism.

The pre-designed steel structure quick-connecting guide rail at the bottom of the furnace body and a set of frame-mounted push mechanisms, including a push cylinder, hydraulic oil pipe, control valve, and oil pipe control valve. This mechanism is convenient for disassembly and assembly. Once the furnace is cooled to below 400 ℃, the furnace body will turn over 90 °, lift the oil cylinder with a crane, place the connecting flange of the oil cylinder directly in the pre-designed guide rail at the bottom of the furnace body, start the hydraulic pump station, and push out the furnace lining.

The furnace body is equipped with an anti-drop protection device. During the furnace body tipping, the anti-drop protection cover will automatically rise to form a protective fence to prevent personnel from falling and ensure the safety of operators on the furnace platform. The protection device and the furnace body are integrated, and the structure is exquisite, so as to achieve the double combination of firmness, beauty, safety, and reliability.