Induction Furnace Construction And Working

Induction furnace construction and working principle industry knowledge sharing:

Generally, the heating furnaces we are familiar with use electricity as the energy source, but the heating method of the induction furnace is a little different from other furnaces. Although it is also driven by electricity, it uses induction heating to heat the material. What is the structure and working principle of the induction furnaces? Let’s find out together.

Induction furnace construction and working principle

Structural features:

The central control circuit of the induction furnace optimizes the design of the combined unit circuit board. The equipment has stable performance, reliable quality and strong anti-interference ability.

The component layout is coordinated and reasonable, and the maintenance is convenient. Highly integrated circuit solution, commissioning and operation of steel pipe quenching and tempering furnace is fast, simple and easy to learn.

On the basis of zero pressure, automatic start-up scanning is added, repeated start-up, voltage and current loops are closely tracked, the induction furnace starts and stops at any time, and there is no current impact.

The trigger circuit sensitive to the start signal of the frequency converter uses a signal, which further improves the start performance of the induction furnace, and the start success rate is 100%.

The constant power circuit control system of the induction furnaces will be a high-quality automatic control device for rapid changes in charging voltage and current during production, without manually adjusting the cut-off angle of the inverter.

It has perfect protection systems such as overvoltage, overcurrent, voltage, water shortage, and voltage limit, which ensures the reliability and operation stability of the induction furnace.

Working principle:

In an induction furnace, there is an induction coil that creates an alternating magnetic field when an alternating current is passed through it. Place the metal charge that needs to be heated and smelted in an alternating magnetic field, and through electromagnetic induction, an electric current is generated in the metal charge. Due to the resistance of the metal charge, the metal charge will be heated when the current passes through it. The induction furnace mainly uses this heat to heat and melt the metal charge.

Therefore, the two basic conditions for induction heating are:

1.Use alternating current;

2.The object to be heated must be a metal material.

Principle & Characteristics of Induction Furnace

Induction heat treatment furnaces such as induction furnaces have obvious advantages in terms of energy consumption and environmental protection in the production process. Manufacturers have fully considered these issues at the beginning of the induction furnace design. These ingenious designs make the induction furnace highly environmentally friendly and energy-saving. More practical.

The induction furnace heating equipment can effectively reduce the heat loss during work, and will not cause a high temperature environment in the production workshop. The durability of the equipment itself has also been greatly improved, with a longer service life than older equipment. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular in the metallurgical industry.

Induction furnace is a kind of equipment that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction for production and heating. Because induction furnaces are widely used, they can be used as pipes of various sizes. Induction furnaces are non-standard customized products, requiring users to provide parameters such as workpiece size, process requirements and output, so that induction heating equipment manufacturers can better customize design and production for users. .

Through the above understanding of the structure and working characteristics of the induction furnace, we can know different metal materials and different equipment scheme planning. Therefore, when completing a project, we must choose a professional, capable and guaranteed manufacturer.

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