Induction Furnace Efficiency Calculation

The induction furnace efficiency calculation needs to calculate the approximate power of the heating electric furnace according to the heating material, heating temperature, heating time, and process requirements.

The reactor tube is an AC reactor. The phase balance reactor used in the induction furnace equipment only flows in the coil, and in the coil, unlike the filter reactor mentioned above, there is DC in the coil.

When the phase balance reactor is installed in the induction furnace, it is directly connected to the two-phase power supply, bears the line voltage, and the current flowing through it and its capacity are not affected by the current change in the furnace.

However, in order to meet the requirements of the induction furnace equipment, the capacity of the phase balance reactor must be equal to the active power of the electric furnace, and when the working state of the reactor changes, it can be changed artificially or through an automatic control system.

Therefore, the work of induction furnace efficiency calculation of the balance reactor of induction furnace equipment can be attributed to the known reactor capacity (including the capacity of each grade) and the reactor terminal voltage, the iron core size, the number of coil turns, wire cross section and reactor temperature can be determined through calculation. upgrade.

Induction Furnace Efficiency Calculation is as follows:

Before the hot forging of the medium frequency induction heating furnace in the forging industry, according to the heating material, heating temperature, heating time, and process requirements, it is necessary to make a budget for the power of the heating electric furnace. The calculation formula for the heating power of the medium-frequency induction furnace is as follows:

  1. Power calculation of intermediate frequency heating furnace P=(C×T×G) ÷ (0.24×S×η)

Intermediate frequency furnace notes:
C=Specific heat of material (kcal/kg℃)
G=workpiece weight (kg)
T=Heating temperature (°C)
t = time (S)
η = heating efficiency (0.6)

  1. Calculation of quenching power of intermediate frequency furnace P=(1.5—2.5)×S2.1S=workpiece to be quenched area (square centimeters)
  2. Calculation of melting power of intermediate frequency furnace P=T/23.1T=Electric furnace capacity (T)
  3. Frequency calculation of intermediate frequency electric furnace δ=4500/d24.14500=coefficient 4.2d=workpiece radius