Induction Furnace Efficiency Details

Induction Furnace Efficiency

Induction furnace Efficiency & Features:

The induction furnace efficiency is reflected from the heating temperature and time. As we all know, medium frequency induction furnace adopts the principle of electromagnetic heating and is used for induction heating of metals, which belongs to the non-contact heating method. Widely used in the mechanical thermal processing industry, it has the irreplaceable heating advantages of flame heating and resistance heating, and has become the first choice for heating many metal workpieces, especially suitable for production methods with large heating volume and few varieties. Due to the greater demand, efficiency has become a point that everyone pays more attention to. Welcome to explore with us.

Induction Furnace Efficiency is High

The intermediate frequency induction furnace is more needed, so here we take the intermediate frequency furnace as an example.

When the induction furnace is heated, more energy is transferred to the workpiece, which reduces the heating time and improves the efficiency. When heating, the efficiency of medium frequency induction furnace is 30%-50% higher than that of flame furnace, and 20%-30% higher than that of resistance furnace, which has obvious energy-saving effect.

Induction Furnace Has High Heating Temperature & Short Time

1) The medium frequency induction furnace has high heating temperature and short time, which means fast heating speed; fast heating speed means less oxide layer and small deformation.

a. It shows that the medium frequency induction furnaces is more efficient than the resistance furnace and the flame furnace, and the output per unit time is high.

b. The heating speed of the intermediate frequency induction furnace is fast, and the burn rate of the oxide skin on the surface of the heated metal workpiece is low, saving materials and costs, especially for the heating of precious metals. For example, under normal circumstances, when metal parts are heated for forming and heating, the metal burning loss rate of induction heating is about 0.5%, while the metal burning loss rate of flame furnace heating is about 1%~3%, which means that induction heating saves materials more than flame heating. About 2%.

Induction Furnace Frequency Is Easy To Realize Automatic Control

1.The medium frequency induction furnace can perform timely and accurate automatic control according to the current state of the workpiece being heated, such as adjusting the power or frequency through analog or digital circuit processing, so that the heating temperature or depth of the workpiece can be automatically adjusted to meet the process requirements.

2.The heating adjustment of the intermediate frequency induction furnace process is relatively fine. Usually, the heating power is adjusted by adjusting parameters such as phase shift and pulse duty cycle. Once the heating temperature is determined according to the process requirements, it will be maintained at this level due to its own negative feedback. The temperature is constant, realizing constant power and constant temperature control.

3.The automatic control of the intermediate frequency induction furnace achieves good temperature uniformity, and the temperature can be controlled below 1%, which improves product quality and pass rate.

4.The multi-channel monitoring of the intermediate frequency induction furnaces can control the hottest thermocouple during heating and the coldest thermocouple during freezing to ensure product quality. High-speed current sensing technology online dynamic detection to achieve perfect system detection and real-time protection.

The Induction Furnace Improves & Protects The Environment

The medium frequency induction furnace frequency does not produce open flames, which eliminates the possibility of fire, explosion and other dangerous events. The safety is greatly improved, the occurrence of safety accidents is reduced, no high temperature is generated, no gas or other substances are produced, and the working environment is greatly improved. .

The intermediate frequency induction furnaces does not make noise such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and other exhaust gases and smoke, with low external radiation heat and low noise, the working environment can be purified, the air environment can be protected, the working conditions of the operators can be improved, and the health level can be guaranteed.

The Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Is Easy To Operate & Use

The temperature measurement point of the medium frequency induction furnace is accurate and reliable. It adopts automatic temperature recording, records the whole heating process and automatically generates the heating curve, which is easy to use.

The main body of the medium frequency induction furnace is an inverter induction heating power supply with a thyristor as the core structure. It can be started and shut down at any time without preheating. Due to this feature, it is not only convenient to use and operate, but also saves time and energy.

The medium frequency induction furnace has strong adaptability and can heat various workpieces. The temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled, and the processing quality is high.

The above is the related sharing about the induction furnace efficiency. We will also continue to export relevant knowledge of the metal smelting industry, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.

No matter what kind of induction melting furnace, EAF, SAF, LF, etc., Xi’an Hani Tech will provide suitable, professional, efficient and low energy consumption induction furnaces to every customer according to specific raw materials and melting requirements.

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