Induction Furnace For Zinc Melting

Induction Furnace For Zinc Melting

Induction furnace for zinc melting is a kind of metal smelting furnace, which can be mainly used for smelting steel, zinc, aluminum, copper and non-ferrous metals. The power is generally 1000-50000 (W), or even higher. Customized production according to customer needs.

The intermediate frequency furnace is a frequency conversion device that converts three-phase power frequency current into single-phase intermediate frequency current. Through electromagnetic field induction, the metal generates eddy current loss to achieve the purpose of heating and melting.

It is used for smelting, heating and heat preservation of ferrous or non-ferrous metals and alloy materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and lead. Mainly used in foundry smelting industry. Therefore, the induction furnace for zinc melting is also a kind of intermediate frequency furnace.


Induction furnace for zinc melting / induction electric furnace features

(1) Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation& decarburization, saving material &d forging die costs

Since the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated in the workpiece itself. Ordinary workers can continue the forging task ten minutes after going to work with the intermediate frequency electric furnace, and there is no need for professional workers to burn the furnace and seal the furnace in advance. There is no need to worry about the waste of billets heated by coal furnaces caused by power outages or equipment failures.

Due to the fast heating rate of this heating method, there is very little oxidation. Compared with coal-fired furnaces, at least 20-50 kg of steel raw materials are saved per ton of forgings, and the material utilization rate can reach 95%.

Because this heating method heats evenly and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is extremely small, the life of the forging die is greatly increased in forging, and the surface roughness of the forging is also less than 50um.

(2) The working environment is superior, improving the working environment of workers & the image of the company, no pollution & low energy consumption

The induction furnace for zinc melting, induction heating furnace compared with coal furnace, workers are no longer subjected to baking and smoke under the scorching sun, meet the requirements of various indicators of the environmental protection department, and at the same time establish the company’s external image and the future of the forging industry development trend.

(3) Uniform heating, extremely small temperature difference between core and surface, and high temperature control accuracy

Induction heating generates heat in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is extremely small. The application of temperature control system can realize precise control of temperature and improve product quality and pass rate.

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