Induction Furnace Safety Precautions

Induction Furnace

Explain in Detail the Safety Operation Rules and Precautions of Induction Furnace

The intermediate frequency induction furnace plays an important role in the work and use of foundries, foundries and metal smelting plants, and can help manufacturers complete the work of casting, foundry and metal smelting. Safety must also be ensured when operating an intermediate frequency induction furnace. Safe operation and use of an intermediate frequency induction furnace is a very important step.

Operation steps of induction furnaces

  1. Before starting the furnace, the operator of the intermediate frequency unit should be notified to start the unit. At the same time, check whether the furnace body, cooling water system, intermediate frequency power switch, furnace tilting machine and the running track of the hanging bag are normal, and whether the trench cover is damaged and covered. If there is any problem, it should be ruled out before starting the furnace.    
  2. After the start-up of the intermediate frequency unit is completed, the power can be turned on.     
  3. When starting the furnace, the furnace charge must be put into the furnace first, and the intermediate frequency power switch can only be turned on after the cooling water is opened. When the furnace is stopped, the intermediate frequency unit can be notified to stop after the intermediate frequency power supply is disconnected. The cooling water should remain in the furnace for 15 minutes.
  4. No airtight containers, pipes or other explosives should be mixed in the charge. Furnace material must be dry, without water or ice, snow. When loading the charge, it is not allowed to hit it with a hammer. It should be lightly placed and tapped to avoid damage to the furnace. When the burning loss and thinning of the furnace exceeds the specified limit, the furnace should be shut down for repair.    
  5. The tools should be placed in the designated place, and the tools to be used should be baked and dried in advance.     
  6. When adding alloy materials into alloy steel, it should be clamped with pliers after preheating, slowly, and added in batches. When adding, the operator’s face should avoid the furnace mouth.    
  7. When pouring molten steel into the ladle by tilting the furnace body, the power should be cut off first, and then the machine should be operated to pour slowly. Ladles must be baked and dried. There should be no stagnant water in the pit in front of the furnace.     
  8. Pay attention to the surrounding personnel when taking the sample, so as not to burn the staff by the steel flower.    
  9. When there is a fault in the electrical circuit, it should be repaired in time. When checking trenches, induction coils, cooling water pipes and other electrical appliances, be careful to prevent yourself and others from getting an electric shock.   
  10. The speed of lifting the ladle should not be too fast, the molten steel should not be filled too full, and a certain distance should be kept away from the mouth of the ladle. If pouring with a ladle by hand, they should cooperate with each other when walking, and do not rush to stop. If molten steel is spilled, put it down safely and do not throw the bag.  
  11. When it is found that the water is cut off, the furnace is leaking, the insulation layer of the induction coil is broken and water is leaking, immediately shut down the furnace for maintenance.    
  12. When dismantling an intermediate frequency induction furnace of more than half a ton, it is necessary to take care of each other from top to bottom and cooperate with each other, and a special person must be present to direct the disassembly and assembly.   
  13. After the furnace is shut down, the main power switch must be cut off. Close the water valve before leaving.

Precautions for operation of medium frequency induction furnace

  1. Before starting the furnace, check whether the electrical equipment, water cooling system, copper tube of the sensor, etc. are in good condition, otherwise it is forbidden to start the furnace.
  2. If the melting loss of the furnace exceeds the regulations, it should be repaired in time. It is strictly forbidden to smelt in a crucible with too deep melting loss.
  3. Someone should be responsible for power transmission and furnace opening. It is strictly forbidden to touch the sensor and cable after power transmission. Those on duty are not allowed to leave the post without authorization, and pay attention to the external conditions of the sensor and the crucible.
  4. When charging, check whether there are flammable, explosive and other harmful substances mixed in the furnace charge. If there is any, it should be removed in time. It is strictly forbidden to add cold and wet materials directly into the molten steel. It is strictly forbidden to add large pieces of material after the molten liquid is filled to the upper part. , in case of knot cover.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to mix iron filings and iron oxide when repairing the furnace and pounding the crucible, and the pounding crucible must be dense.
  6. The pouring site and the pit in front of the furnace should be free of obstacles and stagnant water to prevent molten steel from falling to the ground and exploding.
  7. The molten steel is not allowed to be overfilled. When carrying the ladle for pouring, two people should cooperate with each other. They should walk steadily and do not stop in a hurry.
  8. The medium frequency generator room should be kept clean. It is strictly forbidden to bring inflammable and explosive materials and other sundries into the room, and smoking is prohibited indoors.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the safety operation rules of the intermediate frequency induction furnace.