Induction Furnace Transformer

The induction furnace transformer is a professional rectifier transformer that supplies power to the induction furnace. Due to the heating characteristics of the induction melting furnace, the requirements for the transformer are relatively high, so the transformer has oil cooling, which can protect and extend the service life of the induction melting furnace transformer, without heating, ignition, and other phenomena.

1. Induction Furnace Transformer

The primary voltage of the transformer is 10KV and 35KV; The secondary voltage is optional between 380V and 1500KV, such as 380V, 660V, 750V, 8750V, 1000V, 1250V, etc. The rectification mode is 6 pulses, 12 pulses, 24 pulses,s or more pulses. The current popular rectifier string, reverse current string and rectifier can be used.

The transformer breaks through the traditional planar structure and adopts a three-phase symmetrical three-dimensional structure. The three-phase core magnetic circuit of the product is completely symmetrical, the magnetic resistance is greatly reduced, and the excitation current and no-load loss are significantly reduced. It is an efficient energy-saving transformer using traditional materials, but with lower operating noise and a more compact structure. Its outstanding performance in energy saving, material saving, and environmental protection is fully in line with the energy conservation policy.

2. Parameters

Capacity range: SG 10 ~ 1000KVA Output voltage accuracy: ± 2% within the load range

Winding connection: Y/yn0 D/yn0 Frequency: 50Hz

Efficiency: ≥ 98% Dielectric strength: 2000V/60S<10mA

Load performance: can withstand 1.5-3 times of instantaneous current at 100% continuous full load

Insulating electrical group:>5M Ω Ambient temperature: – 5 ℃~+40 ℃

Relative temperature:<90% Temperature rise: ≤ 65 ℃

3. Features

3.1 Power saving and energy saving: no-load loss is reduced by 40% – 50%, and load loss is reduced by 7% – 10%;

3.2 Reduce line loss: reduce no-load current by 90%;

3.3 Super silence: noise reduction of 10-15 dB;

3.4 Induction furnace transformer has no interference: magnetic leakage is reduced by 50%;

3.5 Saving raw materials for induction melting furnace transformer: reducing the cost of copper and iron by 20% – 30%;

3.6 The economic benefit of induction furnace transformers is remarkable: the cost of power transformation in ten years is 17.2% lower than that of the new S9.

4. Executive Standard

4.1 IEC60076-1:1993 Power transformer;

4.2 GB1094.1-1996 Power transformers;

4.3 GB6451-2008 Technical Parameters and Requirements for Oil-immersed Power Transformers;

4.4 JB/T10088-20046KV~500KV power transformer sound level.

5. Cause of Transformer Failure of Induction Furnace

5.1 When the hum from the transformer changes, but there is no noise, it indicates that the load may change;

5.2 Due to the startup of large power equipment, a “wow” sound occurred inside the transformer. If the transformer is equipped with nonlinear equipment, such as an induction furnace, silicon rectifier, high harmonic generation, etc., it will also produce a “wow” sound;

5.3 Overload will cause a very high and heavy “buzz” inside the transformer;

5.4 Due to a short circuit or grounding, a large amount of short circuit current will cause a lot of noise in the transformer;

5.5 The loose iron core will cause strong noise inside the transformer;

5.6 Poor internal contact or breakdown will cause the discharge sound of the induction transformer;

5.7 Iron core resonance will cause uneven noise in the transformer.