Induction Furnace Water Cooling System

Induction furnace water cooling system is mainly for the cooling of the SCR, capacitors, reactors, water-cooled cables, connecting copper bars and induction coils of the induction furnace ( Melting furnaces ).

These components of the intermediate frequency induction furnace will generate a large amount of heat during operation, which requires a cooling system, that is, a cooling tower to cool them, so as to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the intermediate frequency induction furnace.

Then, what is the specific structure and cooling principle of the cooling system of the intermediate frequency induction furnace? HANI METALLURGY will give you a specific introduction.

The water cooling system is a key part of the “medium frequency induction furnace” device.

When the whole equipment is running, a lot of heat will be generated due to the load loss of the IF busbars, water-cooled cables, inductors, reactors and components carrying large currents in the IF power supply. The heat caused by the resistance of the induction coil accounts for about 20% of the rated power of the electric furnace, and the charge also transfers a considerable amount of heat to the induction coil. Therefore, it is necessary to have a set of reliable water cooling device to take away the heat to ensure the normal operation of the whole system.


Principle of medium frequency induction furnace water cooling system

For the cooling of the intermediate frequency induction furnace, HANI has developed and manufactured a closed cooling tower, which is mainly used in conjunction with the intermediate frequency furnace manufactured by HANI itself.

The principle is to use the circulation pump to force the high-temperature cooling water generated in the induction furnace system to circulate into the copper coil of the closed cooling tower, and exchange heat with the external spray water and cold air, thereby reducing the temperature of the copper coil. The internal water temperature can reduce the cooling water temperature of the intermediate frequency induction furnace to ensure the normal operation of the intermediate frequency induction furnace.

Induction furnace water cooling system structure:

The water cooling system of the intermediate frequency induction furnace is composed of copper tube cooler, automatic sprayer, water filter, fan, inspection port, shutter, water storage tank, control system, circulation pump pipeline and so on.

1) Reservoir: collect the water after passing through the heat transfer fan coil unit, and also use it for storage and adjustment of water flow, so as to achieve the purpose of saving water resources in the circulation system.

2) Venetian blinds: Use wind to enter the tower body evenly, so that the self-spraying water does not splash outside.

3) Maintenance door: convenient for inspection and maintenance.

4) Centrifugal fan: The centrifugal fan is used to guide the gas into the tower body to produce high water flow and stable flow of gas, thereby improving the cooling efficiency and ensuring the cooling effect.

5) Water filter: Choose a high-efficiency intensive water filter to reduce the circulation damage of cooling water.

6) Automatic spraying system: Make the high-temperature cooling circulating water entering the tower body expand the contact area with the gas as much as possible, increase the boiling water exchange between the water vapor, and send the heat of the high-temperature cooling water to the gas, thereby reducing the cooling cycle The temperature of the water can achieve the purpose of repeated use of the water source.

7) Cooler: The cooler is a key component of the closed cooling tower. Its reasonable structural specifications and reasonable layout will directly affect the heat exchange efficiency of the entire closed cooling tower, and it will also affect the overall performance of the closed cooling tower. The refrigeration capacity of the cooling circulating water. The inclined layout of the cooler is beneficial to drain the water in the cooler in winter and prevent the copper pipes of the air conditioner from freezing and breaking

Medium frequency induction furnace water cooling system features:

The induction furnace cooling tower is a professionally designed and manufactured cooling system for intermediate frequency furnaces. The selection characteristics of components and materials are as follows:

1) Fan: A special axial flow fan with aluminum alloy blades.

2) Dehydrator: Corrosion-resistant PVC material, which makes the water flow rate reach 0.001%.

3) Spraying system: The basket-type nozzle with large flow rate is adopted to ensure that the water distribution is continuously and evenly sprayed on the surface of the coil.

4) Cooler: The surface cooler is made of copper tube, carbon steel tube (galvanized) or stainless steel tube, and has passed the high pressure test to ensure the strong pressure circulation of large flow fluid.

5) Air intake grille: Made of corrosion-resistant PVC, the double-channel design can prevent and reduce the generation of algae inside the unit.

6) Unit shell: Imported super galvanized sheet, one of the most corrosion-resistant galvanized sheets today, has a service life 3-6 times that of ordinary steel sheets, and stainless steel sheets can be used according to user requirements.

7) Spray water pump: use high-performance brand water pumps with large flow, low power, and low noise.

As an induction furnace water cooling system developed for intermediate frequency furnace cooling, it’s especially suitable for medium and low temperature cooling (40-37-32*C). The product structure is simple and compact. Exchange, a new generation of heat exchanger that discharges the emitted heat into the air.

HANI METALLURGY specializes in the production of complete sets of equipment for metal melting furnaces such as intermediate frequency induction furnaces, EAF, SAF, LF, and refining furnaces. Any product questions or knowledge, please feel free to contact us.