Induction Ladle Refining Furnace

Induction Ladle Refining Furnace

Induction ladle refining furnace is important metallurgical equipment used to refine molten steel melted in primary furnaces (EAF electric arc furnace, open hearth, converter), and can adjust the temperature of molten steel, process buffering, and meet continuous casting and continuous rolling. Ladle furnace is one of the main pieces of equipment for refining outside the furnace.

Main functions of induction ladle refining furnace:

1. The function of heating and heat preservation of molten steel, the molten steel can obtain new thermal energy through arc heating, which can not only add alloy and adjust the composition during ladle refining but also add slag material, which is convenient for deep desulfurization and deoxidation of molten steel. Moreover, the molten steel opening temperature required by continuous casting is guaranteed, which is beneficial to the improvement of the quality of the dry-casting billet;

2. Argon gas stirring function, argon gas is blown into the molten steel through the breathable bricks installed at the bottom of the ladle, and the molten steel obtains a certain stirring;

3. Vacuum degassing function, after the ladle is hoisted into the vacuum tank, vacuum degassing is carried out by a steam jet pump, and argon gas is blown into the bottom of the ladle to stir the molten steel, which can remove the hydrogen content and nitrogen content in the molten steel, and further reduce the oxygen content and sulfur content, and finally obtain a higher purity molten steel and a material with superior performance.

The electric arc heating system used in the induction ladle refining furnace is the same as that of the steelmaking electric arc furnace. The arc generated between the three graphite electrodes and the slag molten steel is used as the heat source. The melting process, and the use of the ambush heating method, so compared with the electric furnace, a lower secondary voltage and the smallest possible polar circle can be used, and the submerged arc heating method has a protective effect on the furnace lining due to the small radiant heat. At the same time, the thermal efficiency of heating is relatively high, and the heat utilization rate is good.

The induction ladle refining furnace has the functions of arc heating under normal pressure, bottom-blowing argon stirring, temperature measurement and sampling fine-tuning of alloy composition, deoxidation, desulfurization, and removal of impurities, so as to obtain molten steel with high purity.

The application of induction ladle refining furnaces can at least increase the following benefits for the entire enterprise: speed up the production rhythm and improve the overall metallurgical production efficiency.

Applications: Induction ladle refining furnace are widely used in industry, steel, metallurgy, and other industries.