Induction Melting Furnace for Sale 

Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

The induction melting furnace for sale is currently a commonly used metal non-standard induction heating equipment. Because it is non-standard heating equipment, there are many additional conditions for the selection of the intermediate frequency furnace. Not any workpiece can be heated by the intermediate frequency furnace.

In the process of using induction melting furnace heating, the heated workpiece has a fast heating speed, energy saving and environmental protection, and uniform temperature, which is conducive to organizing batch production of workpiece heating and forming an automatic forging heating production line. Forging heating, casting heating, modulation heating, and rolling heating can all use the characteristic of intermediate frequency heating to organize specialized mass or mass production, thereby greatly improving production efficiency.

The working principle of the induction furnace power supply is: using a three-phase bridge full-control rectifier circuit to rectify the alternating current into direct current, after being smoothed by the reactor, it becomes a constant direct current source, and then through the single-phase inverter bridge, the direct current is inverted A single-phase intermediate frequency current with a certain frequency (generally 1000 to 8000Hz). The load consists of an induction coil and a compensation capacitor connected as a parallel resonant circuit.

The Main Technical Parameters of Induction Melting Furnaces for Sale

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Here, the selection of induction melting furnace for sale is introduced.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the material of the workpiece heated by the intermediate frequency furnace. Metal workpieces can be directly heated and non-metallic workpieces need indirect heating.
  2. The induction melting furnace for sale has a fast heating speed and is easy to operate, so it is suitable for heating metal workpieces with large batches and relatively regular shapes; if the number of heated workpieces is too small and the batch is not large enough, it is not suitable for intermediate frequency furnace heating.
  3. The shape of the workpiece heated by the intermediate frequency furnace also has certain requirements. It is more suitable for round, square, pipe, plate, and other shapes, especially for round steel, steel pipe, steel plate, aluminum rod, copper rod, steel plate, steel pipe, and other workpieces. heating.
  4. The choice of intermediate frequency furnace heating process, to determine the use of intermediate frequency furnace heating can choose a suitable intermediate frequency furnace, such as forging, casting, quenching and tempering, rolling, and other different process requirements, you need to choose the corresponding intermediate frequency furnace.
  5. The determination of the production capacity of the intermediate frequency furnace is also very critical. The annual output, shift output, or heating cycle of a single workpiece must be determined in order to ensure the production efficiency of the intermediate frequency furnace and meet the production needs.
  6. Determine the structural form of the intermediate frequency furnace according to the production length and area, and choose a split intermediate frequency furnace or a mechatronic intermediate frequency furnace, an aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace, or a steel shell intermediate frequency furnace.
  7. According to the requirements of the production method, it is necessary to choose the degree of automation of the intermediate frequency furnace, whether PLC control, infrared temperature measurement, temperature sorting, and automatic feeding are required.
  8. During the selection process of the intermediate frequency furnace, because it is non-standard equipment, it is necessary to conduct more technical exchanges to ensure that the selected intermediate frequency furnace is an intermediate frequency furnace suitable for your needs. During the communication, the workpiece material, workpiece specification, and heating temperature must be provided. , heating cycle or technical requirements such as productivity, degree of automation, and cooling circulating water requirements can select the correct intermediate frequency furnace.