Induction Melting Furnace Price

induction melting furnace price

Factors Affecting Induction Melting Furnace Price

1. Differences in Mechanical Elements

The difference in mechanical components is one of the factors that affect the induction melting furnace price. Different components have different properties, different processes, and different materials. Of course, the price is certainly different. Parts that can affect the price of induction furnaces generally include:

(1)Silicon Controlled Rectifier

The silicon-controlled rectifier is one of the main components in the power supply equipment of the intermediate frequency furnace. Generally speaking, the silicon-controlled rectifier materials produced by various manufacturers are basically the same. The price difference mainly exists in the quality fluctuation. The product quality of large-scale manufacturers fluctuates relatively little, so their prices fluctuate somewhat, but not much.

(2) Furnace Shell

There is a certain gap in the price of induction melting furnace shell, because the difference in furnace shell can directly affect the heat transfer speed, etc. From the general steel furnace shell, stainless steel furnace shell, aluminum furnace shell, etc., the price difference is about one time.

(3) Copper Bar and Copper Tube

The price difference between copper bars and copper tubes mainly exists in materials. The type and purity of copper are all factors that affect the price difference between copper bar and tube, and also indirectly become one of the factors that affect the induction melting furnace price.

(4) Chassis

The price of the chassis is quite different among the components of the intermediate frequency furnace. Because there are many parts in the chassis, and each part is good or bad in quality, the chassis cost difference is several times or even dozens of times.

(5) Capacitance

The price difference of capacitors is not in itself, but mostly lies in the difference in the number of configurations, and the price difference is small, only a thousand to thousands of costs.

(6) DC reactor

The difference between DC reactors is generally reflected in the power of intermediate frequency power supply, which is generally 1000 yuan or 2000 yuan.

(7)Power Distribution Cabinet

The price difference between power distribution cabinets is about several thousand yuan. The main difference is that power distribution cabinets in regular large factories are generally equipped with automatic switches, while low-cost equipment does not have such a configuration.

(8) Capacitor Cabinet

The price difference is small. Low-price equipment generally needs to solve the problem of capacitor placement and fixation.

(9)Water Pipe Clamp

The price difference is also small, which is also caused by different materials. The better one is the stainless steel clip. Low-price equipment may be equipped with ordinary iron wire.

(10) Other Small Mechanical Elements

There are also some small differences in mechanical components, such as resistance, plastic wire, water-cooled cable, water pipe, and transformer, which more or less affect the overall price of the intermediate frequency furnace.

2. Technical Content Gap

In addition to differences in mechanical components, technical content is also a factor affecting the induction melting furnace price. A lot of manpower and material resources have been invested in the technology of electric frequency furnaces produced by some large factories. The advanced level of the equipment will be reflected in the smelting speed, power consumption, operation complexity, and failure rate. Advanced equipment must have more user-friendly settings in all aspects. Of course, the price will also be reported for the low-price equipment of the small factory.

3. Differences in Service Commitments

The difference in service commitment can also affect the induction melting furnace price. The equipment produced by the regular intermediate frequency furnace manufacturer needs repeated static inspection and dynamic debugging before leaving the factory. In general, it can provide customers with a warranty period of less than half a year or one year. During this period, any quality problem of machinery and equipment can be debugged and repaired by staff, which requires labor costs. In general, low-cost equipment is produced by individuals or several people, which may not even have the conditions for general pre-sales debugging, and there is no redundant personnel to service and debug, And guarantee the maintenance of after-sales faults. In contrast, the cost of manpower may also become a factor affecting the price of intermediate frequency furnaces.

4. Quality Affecting Induction Melting Furnace Price

For example, the cost of installing silicon-controlled rectifiers on iron parts is much lower than that on epoxy bakelite boards, but there will be a certain gap in quality. This shows that the quality can also affect the overall price of the intermediate-frequency furnace. Different manufacturers and installation processes lead to different quality and different prices.

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