Ladle Furnace Cover Will Be Shipped

Ladle Furnace Cover Will Be Shipped

Ladle Furnace Cover

As we know, the ladle furnace is an out-of-furnace refining technology using electric arc heating under vacuum conditions.

It is an important metallurgical equipment used for refining molten steel in primary furnaces (electric arc furnace, open hearth, converter), and can adjust the temperature of molten steel, process buffering, and meet continuous casting and continuous rolling requirements.

Ladle furnace is one of the main equipment for refining outside the furnace.

Therefore, whether it is the whole set of equipment or the furnace cover that we are about to deliver, it is required by our customers.

Therefore, the characteristics and functions of the furnace cover should also be known, so as to be able to buy products of better quality and more suitable matching.

Ladle Furnace Cover

It is used to seal the ladle mouth, maintain a strong reducing atmosphere in the furnace and prevent the molten steel from dissipating heat.

There is a water-cooled furnace cover on the ladle mouth. The inner side of the furnace cover is poured with refractory material.

The furnace cover is provided with a lifting mechanism according to the process requirements.

Arc heating The molten steel is heated by the arc light generated between the graphite electrode and the molten steel.

Since the electrode is inserted into the foamed slag or slag through the furnace cover hole, it is called submerged arc heating.

This heating method has less heat dissipation, reduces heat radiation and erosion of the furnace lining by arc light, and stabilizes the current.

The heating rate of molten steel can reach 4℃/min.

The feeding device is provided with a slag-forming agent and an alloy feeding port on the furnace cover and the vacuum cover, respectively.

The upper part of the furnace cover or vacuum cover is equipped with a hopper, and the charge weighed by the electronic scale enters the ladle furnace through the chute and the charging port.

In order to smelt ultra-low carbon stainless steel, a hole for raising and lowering the oxygen supply lance is opened in the vertical center of the vacuum furnace cover to blow oxygen to the molten steel to reduce carbon.

The refining process includes slag removal, heating, argon stirring, slag composition adjustment, molten steel composition adjustment, vacuum treatment and heat preservation, etc.

The quality of the initial molten steel is related to whether the refining furnace can successfully achieve the purpose of refining.

For this reason, the phosphorus content of the initial molten steel is required to be less than 0.015%, and different degrees of final deoxidation are carried out when tapping from the primary furnace.

The furnace cover that we are about to deliver to customers meets the needs of customers after various drawings and design confirmation and communication.

Our company’s ladle refining furnace water-cooled furnace cover can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance workload, extend service life, meet the production requirements of major steel mills for off-furnace refining, and achieve significant economic benefits.

The water-cooled cover plate of the water-cooled furnace cover of the electric arc furnace of the refining furnace is arranged at the lower part of the water-cooled furnace cover frame, the lifting ring is welded on the main beam of the water-cooled furnace cover frame;

A water-cooled furnace cover, the water-cooled structure in the furnace cover is composed of a plurality of seamless tubes 1 closely arranged.

Each steel tube is round. The water-cooled furnace cover of the refining furnace of this structure is not easy to leak water and is easy to maintain.

To every extent possible to meet customer requirements.

If you have any questions and requirements, please feel free to contact us.