Ladle Metallurgy Furnace

Ladle Metallurgy Furnace

Ladle Metallurgy Furnace (LMF) / Steelmaking furnace are used to refine molten steel to special grades while remaining in the ladle.

Ladle metallurgy is a method in which crude molten steel from a steelmaking furnace is poured into a ladle for further refining.

It‘s’ used to remove impurities such as hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and sulfur in molten steel, adjust the temperature and composition of molten steel, and reduce non-metallic inclusions.

The multifunctional ladle refining device can have the functions of vacuum degassing, argon blowing stirring, electromagnetic stirring, arc heating, vacuum decarburization and so on.

It can greatly improve the productivity of steel and the quality of steel.

Steel is first melted in a Basic Oxygen Plant (BOF) or Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), poured into a ladle and sent to an LMS or Ladle Metallurgy Furnace.

Different elements are added to the ladle heat at the ladle metallurgical station (depending on the grade being manufactured).

By using a ladle metallurgy station instead of BOF or EAF, another furnace can be started in BOF or EAF, thereby increasing the capacity of the smelter.

The ladle metallurgical station is mainly composed of a ladle electric arc furnace and an alloy additive system.

A ladle furnace is usually a furnace top with electrodes that look very similar to an EAF.

Argon bubbling was used to stir the metal in the ladle.

Clean steels with low sulphur, low gas and inclusion content are increasingly required in the steel casting industry.

Due to the small capacity of the ladle used for casting steel, generally 8t to 10t or less, it is difficult to transplant the commonly used large ladle refining technology.

To solve this problem, Mr. John M. of the 1994 77th Steelmaking Conference in the United States reported on the DC plasma arc furnace jointly developed by May-nard Steel Casting Company and EPRI Standard Research Center (CMP). It basically solves the refining problem of molten steel within 5t.

In recent years, with the continuous vigorous development of the steel industry, technology has also continued to improve.

The performance of the ladle metallurgy furnace is also constantly improving, so that more customers can choose with more confidence.

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