Ladle Refining Furnace Cover – Metallurgy

Ladle Refining Furnace Cover - Metallurgy


Ladle refining furnace cover is an important device of the melting furnace;

It can be refractory-lined or water-cooled;

The top of the furnace cover is a refractory triangular shape through which one or more graphite electrodes enter the furnace.

The furnace cover of the ladle refining furnaces is lifted to hydraulic transmission, and both the control room and the furnace front console can be controlled.

LF Cover has good sealing effect and long service life.

The furnace cover can reduce the air volume for dust removal and achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.


The ladle refining furnace cover consists of several water-cooled tubes;

The water-cooled furnace cover is the core equipment of the ladle refining furnace, and it is also the key to the normal operation of the entire ladle and the production of pure steel.

The tubular water-cooled furnace cover can not only achieve the effect of “micro-positive pressure” in the furnace, but also ensure the effect of dust removal.

The water-cooled furnace cover of the refining furnace with this structure is not easy to leak water and is easy to maintain.

Parameter of Ladle Refining Furnace Cover

Electric arc furnace ladle refining furnace water-cooled furnace cover:

The water-cooled cover plate is arranged at the lower part of the water-cooled furnace cover frame;

The lifting ring is welded on the main beam of the water-cooled furnace cover frame;

The water-cooling plate is arranged on the sectional table of the water-cooled furnace cover frame;

Water-cooled furnace cover, the water-cooled structure in the furnace cover is composed of a plurality of seamless tubes 1 closely arranged;

Each steel pipe is round;

The water-cooled furnace cover body composed of several water-cooled tubes is provided with a skirt that can downwardly cover the furnace mouth of the ladle furnace on the lower edge of the water-cooled furnace cover body.

The heating cover of the refining furnace is similar to the water-cooled cover of the electric arc furnace above 30 t.

It is also composed of two parts: the central part that passes through the three electrodes is a round corundum prefab with electrode holes, and the rest is a fully water-cooled tubular slag hanging furnace cover.

It is made of 20 m seamless steel pipes welded together, and there are holes and doors that meet the requirements of filling ferroalloy, slag, temperature measurement and sampling.

The door has a corresponding cover, and its opening and closing are generally done manually.

The clapboard water tank type water-cooled furnace cover is transformed into a dense tube type water-cooled furnace cover. 

After the transformation, the operation safety of the refining furnace is improved, the equipment failure downtime rate is reduced, and the economic benefit is improved at the same time.