Ladle Refining Furnace Design

Ladle Refining Furnace Design

Ladle refining furnace design has outstanding design features: artificial slag submerged in a “long arc” under atmospheric pressure, temperature measurement, sampling, microalloying, deoxidation, desulfurization, purification, etc. It ensures the improvement of steelmaking quality and productivity. It has precise temperature adjustment for continuous casting and steel composition (Metallurgical fine adjustment). It also has a buffer effect between melting and casting.

Ladle refining furnace belongs to secondary refining equipment, which usually uses a primary smelting furnace. Its main function is to remove sulfur and impurities in molten steel and adjust the chemical composition, so as to improve the quality of molten steel. LF is mainly used for smelting high-quality carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, and other metals.

Features of Ladle Refining Furnace Design

1. LF is not suitable for smelting, but only for providing a good reduction reaction environment for molten steel.

2. LF refining furnace is a ladle as a smelting vessel, which can be stirred with argon blowing to better remove sulfur and impurities and adjust the composition of the alloy.

3. If the primary smelting equipment is an induction furnace, follow LF to improve the quality of molten steel and completely complete the adjustment of alloy composition(for example, carbon steel can be adjusted to stainless steel or other types of steel LF).

4. If the primary smelting equipment is EAF, follow LF, which can replace an electric arc furnace to complete the refining process of molten steel. At the same time, an electric arc furnace is only used as a smelting furnace. This method can significantly improve smelting efficiency.

Main Components

  1. Ladle
  2. Electrode lifting device
  3. High current line
  4. Cover lifting device
  5. Water cooling cover
  6. Argon system
  7. Compressed air system
  8. Water cooling system
  9. Hydraulic system
  10. Electrode connection and storage device
  11. Ladle car
  12. H.V. power supply system
  13. Transformer
  14. L.V control system and automatic control system
  15. Temperature/oxygen measuring gun and sample device (auxiliary parts)
  16. Wire feeder system (auxiliary parts)
  17. Emergency mixing gun (auxiliary parts)


1Rated refining capacityT10-12
2Rated transformer powerKVA2000
3Click timeMins45
4The heating rate of molten steelMins> = 3
5power consumption℃/Min<= 0.6 〜 0.7
6Electrode consumptionKWh/t * ℃<= 12 〜 15g

Advantages of Ladle Refining Furnace Design

1. Low Power Consumption

The high current system uses pure copper as the conductive medium, and the resistance of the whole circuit is small. The electrode arm is copper-clad box type, which can effectively reduce resistance and heat. Arrange all conductive systems reasonably to minimize the resistance of each circuit.

2. Safe and stable

The whole set of hydraulic drive systems is equipped with an accumulator to ensure the stability of the equipment during operation. In case of any emergency, the equipment can move.

3. Low Electrode Consumption of the Ladle Refining Furnace Design

The electrode breaks in the melting process, which brings huge economic losses and inconvenience. Han’s patented anti-electrode system fracture technology greatly reduces the possibility of electrode crack operation.

4. High Flexibility and Maximum Ease of Operation

HMI is used for electrical automation control, and the interface simulates the real form of the furnace, which makes the operation more convenient. All commands of mixing raw materials, charging raw materials, melting and tapping can be realized by computers.

5. High Arc Forming Efficiency

Han’s patented technology < precision adjustment electrode >, using multi-signal acquisition and PLC signal contrast technology, shortens the electrode arc formation time. Therefore, avoid long-term arc formation that will affect the grid system. It is different from the traditional single signal return control technology.

6. Diversified Dust Removal System

Han’s furnace is equipped with various dust removal systems, which can support different forms of dust