Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Use Scope

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Use Scope

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace: What is the application scope ?

( Medium Frequency Induction Furnace ) Electric induction furnace equipment has been widely used in the smelting industry.

However, some people still do not know the specific scope of use, which is not conducive to customers to buy, let HANI Metallurgy to tell you the specific scope of its application.


Medium frequency induction furnace is the induction furnace with the frequency in the range of 150-10000 Hz.

Medium frequency IF is suitable for smelting high-quality steel and alloy special smelting equipment, with the advantages of fast melting speed, high production efficiency, adaptability, flexible use, good electromagnetic stirring effect, easy to start operation, the steel is covered by the slag (to reduce atmospheric pollution of the steel) and so on.

The complete set of medium frequency induction furnace includes: power supply and electrical control part, furnace body part, transmission device and water cooling system.


Medium frequency induction furnace, electric furnace is suitable for melting various grades of iron, to meet the various compositions and temperatures of iron, to meet the performance requirements of various iron. There is good adaptability.

As the medium frequency furnace is more convenient to adjust the composition, so the process should be more narrow requirements for the range of iron composition, in order to make the casting performance more stable.

Induction furnace is especially suitable for 10kg, tens of tons capacity of large, medium and small furnace.

For steel, cast iron and copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys for melting and liquid metal insulation, the adaptability of the furnace material is strong, suitable for intermittent operation, the furnace structure and use of similar to the work frequency centerless induction furnace.

Since the 1970s, with the increasing power and reliability of high efficiency, stationary and metal-saving thyristor IF power supply, IF furnace has been developed rapidly at home and abroad, and it has obvious advantages not only in small and medium capacity but even in large capacity, and is replacing the IDF centerless induction furnace.

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