Power-saving Method of Electric Induction Furnaces

Power-saving Method of Electric Induction Furnaces

Brief introduction of the power-saving method of Electric Induction Furnaces

After decades of training, Hani Metallurgy has continuously developed and improved its products and kept improving, and summarizing a set of applicable power-saving methods for electric induction furnaces.

1、 Do not use low-grade equipment. The market competition is fierce. Some manufacturers cut corners and compete at low prices. The worse the materials used for equipment, the greater the loss. For example, if copper bars are used directly without plating, and poor and thinner copper materials are used, the equipment seems to be the same at first, but the power consumption will be higher and higher.

2、 Develop good startup habits, maximize power and reduce heat preservation or baking time. When the power is not full, the power factor is low and the loss is large.

3、 Fast furnace saves electricity more than a slow furnace. The same set of equipment saves power faster than slower. The feeding time, compactness, and furnace size will affect the melting speed. These points need to be optimized at the same time to minimize power consumption.

4、 Scientific oven. When drying the furnace, turn down the cooling water of the induction coil (one-third of the normal water volume is enough), and it is best to supply water intermittently, and keep the outlet water temperature above 55 ℃, so as to facilitate the smooth discharge of water vapor, which can shorten the drying time. Some furnace workers didn’t pay attention to this point. With a normal water supply, the steam discharged condensed into water reflux when encountering the cold copper pipe, so the oven time is long, electricity consumption is high, and the effect is not good.

5、 The ammeter shall be taken into account when feeding to make the power as stable as possible. Maximize the output power of the equipment as much as possible.

6、 Accurately control the temperature of molten iron and do not let the temperature be too high or locally too high, which is detrimental to power consumption and lining life. A good furnace worker can save electricity and be efficient.

7、 Choose the right equipment. Too large or too small a furnace may increase power consumption. The same large furnace saves power quickly, the same fast furnace saves power greatly, and high voltage saves power more than low voltage. Casting time also affects power consumption, which is best controlled within 5-10 minutes.

8、 The incoming line cannot be saved. It must be large enough, otherwise, the long-term loss is quite amazing.

9、 Improving transformer utilization is also equal to saving electricity. A 630kVA transformer should be able to convert 13-15t of molten iron in 10 hours. If you can only produce 10-11 tons, your average electricity price must be higher than theirs.