Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers

As one of the continuous casting machine manufacturers, Xi’an Hani Tech is going to share some professional knowledge about the continuous caster.

The production process of continuously casting high-temperature molten steel into billets with a certain section shape and a certain size is called continuous steel casting. The equipment needed to complete this process is called continuous casting complete equipment. The electromechanical and hydraulic integration of steel casting equipment, continuous casting machine body equipment, cutting area equipment, dummy bar collection and conveying equipment constitutes the equipment at the core of continuous steel casting, which is customarily called continuous casting machine.

Type of Continuous Casting Machine

Continuous casting machine can be classified in many forms. If the continuous casting machine can be divided into vertical continuous casting machine, vertical bending continuous casting machine, arc continuous casting machine with straight section, arc continuous casting machine, multi-radius elliptical continuous casting machine, and horizontal continuous casting machine according to the structural shape. With the development of continuous casting technology, research of wheel-type continuous casting machine, especially thin slab continuous casting machine, has been carried out.

If it is distinguished according to the size and shape of the section cast by the continuous casting machine, the continuous casting machine can be divided into slab continuous casting machine, billet continuous casting machine, bloom continuous casting machine, round billet continuous casting machine, profiled section continuous casting machine and thin slab continuous casting machine. Square billet continuous caster also includes rectangular billet continuous caster, which usually makes the casting section or equivalent section area greater than 200 × The 200mm casting blank is called bloom, and the section or equivalent section area is less than 160 × 160mm billets are called billets, and rectangular billets with width thickness ratio greater than 3 are called slabs.

It can be divided into single-strand, double-strand, or multi-strand continuous casting machines according to the number of strand streams that can be cast by the continuous casting machine under a common ladle.

As a professional continuous casting machine manufacturer, Hani tech has over 22 years of manufacturing experience in this industry and gains lots of technology and production experience. Therefore, we can supply different kinds of continuous casting machine based on the customers’ requirements.

Digital Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers

Breaking through the traditional concept and replacing the traditional control idea with advanced digital technology, not only shows the exquisite process realization ability, but also because of the essential change of its structure, when it realizes the effect that the traditional system cannot achieve, it does not need to carry out complex system design, parameter setting and repeated adjustment, and it will not have performance changes due to long-term operation. Therefore, the digital continuous caster can realize the digital liquid level control Digital online width adjustment (slab), digital nonsinusoidal vibration, digital secondary cooling water control, digital online soft reduction, etc. In the process of all digitalization of the continuous casting machine, the advantages of simple design, high process level, low cost and low investment risk are obvious.

Hydraulic Control

The hydraulic vibration control system has passed 6 million consecutive vibration tests, the test data results fully meet the actual production requirements, and the equipment is intact. As the digital hydraulic cylinder adopts the internationally advanced sealing structure design, it will not produce any leakage, and the life of the seal will also be greatly improved, making the operating cost of the system far lower than that of the mechanical vibration system. The friction force between the mold wall and the moving shell is considered the basic factor to tear the shell and then limit the casting speed. There is a liquid slag film between the green shell and the mold wall. The friction here is viscous friction, that is, the friction is proportional to the relative motion speed, and the slag film viscosity is inversely proportional to the slag film thickness. In this way, the friction force and the tensile stress on the shell caused by it will be large during the positive sliding of mold vibration, which may crack the primary shell. Therefore, a nonsinusoidal vibration technology has been developed to reduce this friction force. Theoretical research and simulation experiments show that the friction force can be reduced by 50%~60% by properly selecting nonsinusoidal vibration parameters (deflection rate). It is a new technology for continuous casting machine transformation to achieve high quality and high output.

Digital System

With a dynamic soft reduction process, the continuous casting machine can control the final solidification stage to avoid a loose slab center and minimize segregation. The dynamic soft reduction can produce the slab with the best inherent quality. With the continuous successful practice of the principle of thin slab direct rolling strip in the world, steel enterprises that produce high-quality products have begun to generally adopt soft reduction control technology.

On-line Width Adjustment Control System of Digital Slab Mold

Avoid frequent replacement of the mold, improve the operation rate of the continuous casting machine, and realize the user requirements of multiple specifications and small batches.

The Secondary Cooling Water Control System of Mould for Digital Continuous Casting Machine

The digital control valve is adopted and directly controlled by PLC, which avoids the vibration and corresponding lag that easily occur in the electric servo valve and pneumatic membrane valve, and accurately realizes the dynamic control of the secondary cooling water. For the water cooling of the continuous casting machine, the water cooling system is mainly composed of a rotary joint, a water pipe, a water pump and a sufficient water source. The water cooling system of the continuous casting machine is mainly used to cool the slab idler of the continuous casting machine.

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