EAF Transformers Parameters & Characteristics

EAF Transformers

EAF Transformers Parameters & Characteristics

The EAF transformers is the core equipment of the electric arc furnace, which can convert the low-voltage high-current alternating current into high-voltage low-current alternating current to meet the working requirements of the electric arc furnace.

Hani Metallurgy will introduce the parameters and characteristics of electric arc furnace transformers.

Parameters of EAF Transformers

The parameters of electric arc furnace transformers include rated capacity, rated voltage, rated current and number of phases.

Rated capacity refers to the maximum output power of the transformer, usually in kilovolt-ampere (kVA);

Rated voltage refers to the rated output voltage of the transformer, usually in kilovolts (kV);

Rated current refers to the rated output current of the transformer, usually in ampere (A);

The number of phases refers to the number of phases of the input and output circuits of the transformer, and there are two common types: single-phase and three-phase.

Features of Electric Arc Furnace Transformer

EAF transformer are characterized by high efficiency and energy saving, small size, light weight, high reliability and long service life.

High efficiency and energy saving means that the transformer has the ability to convert power efficiently, which can reduce energy waste;

Small size means that the transformer is relatively small in size, occupies a small area, and is easy to install and maintain;

Light weight means that the weight of the transformer is relatively light, which is convenient for handling and transportation;

High reliability means that the transformer has high operational stability and safety, and is not prone to failure;

Long service life refers to the long service life of the transformer, which can usually reach more than 20 years.

When purchasing electric arc furnace transformers, it is necessary to choose according to production needs and technical requirements to meet the actual needs of production.

To sum up, the transformer is an important part of the electric arc furnace, and the parameters & characteristics of the electric arc furnace have an important impact on the production efficiency and energy utilization efficiency of the electric arc furnaces.

During use, it is necessary to pay attention to its existing problems and carry out timely maintenance and maintenance. It is believed that with the continuous development of science and technology, electric arc furnace transformers will become more and more intelligent and efficient, bringing more convenient and efficient solutions to production.

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