Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Materials

Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Materials

Electric arc furnace steelmaking materials

What is an электродуговая печь?

An electric arc furnace is an electric furnace that smelts ores and metals at high temperatures generated by electrode arcs.

It is more flexible than other steelmaking furnaces, can effectively remove sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the equipment occupies a small area, which is suitable for smelting high-quality alloy steel. The electric arc furnace melts scrap steel raw materials by means of arc radiation, temperature convection and heat conduction.

The basic process of electric arc furnace steelmaking includes removing slag to repair the furnace, loading metal charge, power transmission, melting, oxidation, reduction refining and tapping.

Different electric arc furnace steelmaking materials match the corresponding design scheme. For better smelting work.

Classification of electric arc furnace steelmaking materials

Divided into two categories: metallic materials and non-metallic materials.

Metal material:

Including steel scrap, pig iron, molten iron, direct reduced iron (DRI), ferroalloys, iron ore and scale etc.

Non-metallic materials:

Including slagging materials, such as lime, fluorite, dolomite, carbon balls (carbon powder), high alumina vanadium, etc.;

Synthetic slag, such as desulfurizer, melting synthetic refining slag, etc.;

Refractory materials, such as furnace bottom refractories, ladle refractories, tundish refractories, etc.;

Materials for other purposes, such as electrodes, recarburizers, thermal insulation agents, mold flux, etc.

No matter what kind of electric arc furnace steelmaking materials, Hani Metallurgy will produce and supply electric arc furnaces with a capacity of 5-120 tons or even larger according to specific needs, site, output and other requirements. And can provide one-stop service, turnkey project.

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