5T Small Electric Arc Furnace For Sale

5T Small Electric Arc Furnace For Sale

Small electric arc furnace for sale – for melting various carbon and alloy steels.

The electric arc furnace is one of the key equipments in the modern electric furnace steelmaking production line, and it undertakes the important task of supplying the initial molten steel to the steelmaking production line.

Therefore, with the development of steelmaking equipment technology.

The electric arc furnace’s per ton steel equipment power is continuously improved, and the smelting cycle is greatly shortened, which greatly improves the productivity of the electric arc furnace to produce the initial molten steel.

In the modern electric furnace steelmaking production line, the electric arc furnace only provides the initial molten steel, while the LF type (or LFV type) ladle refining furnace is used to refine the molten steel, so that the composition and temperature of the molten steel meet the requirements, which can be used for continuous casting or die casting.

Qualified molten steel also greatly improves the productivity of electric arc furnace smelting molten steel.

In short, by taking various measures, modern steelmaking electric arc furnace technology has made great progress, which has promoted the development of electric furnace steelmaking.

This product is EAF-5t small electric arc furnace for sale. For melting various carbon steel and alloy steel.

Parameters of Small Electric Arc Furnace For Sale

Main Technical Parameters of 5ton Electric Arc Furnace

1.Rated Capacity5t ( Maximum Tapping Capacity 11t )
2.Nominal Capacity of The Transformer4000KVA
3.Secondary Voltage of The Transformer240、210、150、139、 121V
4.Primary Voltage of The Transformer10KV
5.Maximum Current of The Secondary Side of The Transformer~1.2KA
6.Furnace Shell Diameter3300mm
7.Electrode Diameter300mm
8.Electrode Distribution Circle Diameter850mm
9.Maximum Stroke of Electrode2000mm
10.Lifting Height of Furnace Cover400mm
11.Furnace Door Size ( Width X Height )900X 650mm
12.Electrode Lift Speed3.5~ 4m/min
13.Maximum Tap Angle45°
14.Maximum Inclination Angle of Slag15°
15.Maximum Unscrewing Angle of The Furnace Cover~89°
16.Hydraulic System
     Work Pressure10MPa
17.Cooling Water
     Inlet Pressure≥0.3 MPa
     Inlet Water Temperature≤32°C
     Consumption~ 80m/h
18.Compressed Air
     Intake Pressure≥0.6 MPa
     Consumption~1 m/min
Technical Parameters of 5t Small Electric Arc Furnace For Sale

Structure Overview

EAF-5t steelmaking small electric arc furnace for sale adopts the form of top charging by unscrewing the furnace cover.

It consists of the following parts:

Tilting device, furnace body, furnace cover rotating device, furnace cover and furnace cover lifting device, electrode lifting device, tilting locking, rotary locking and hydraulic pressure, cooling water system, compressed air system and short net, etc.

Attention & Maintenance

Electric furnace mechanical operation precautions and maintenance

1.There is no furnace lining in the furnace shell, or the furnace cannot be tilted to the tapping side when the furnace is filled with cold material.

2.When the furnace is stopped, the furnace cover should be in the normal position and cannot be unscrewed.

3.After the new installation or shutdown of the furnace for maintenance, the working conditions of the fasteners in the conductive and heated parts should be checked under the hot state of the electric furnace, and the insulation performance of the insulating parts should be checked.

4.Before releasing the electrode pneumatically, the top of the electrode must be suspended or the bottom of the electrode must be supported to avoid breaking the electrode.

5.The hydraulic system should be checked regularly, and attention should be paid to the replacement of hydraulic oil and sealing rings.

6.The trolley track on the electrode column should be kept clean and not lubricated. In order to avoid sticking to dust, increase the movement resistance of the trolley or appear stuck.

7.According to the operation of the electric furnace, pay attention to adjusting the cooling water supply to prevent the return water temperature from being too high or too low.

When the water supply is interrupted for some reason and needs to be re-supplied, special attention should be paid to supplying the water slowly first.

When the return water is normal, then supply water as normal.

8.When the horizontal locking oil cylinder is locked, it is not allowed to tilt the furnace.

9.The furnace cover is not raised, and the electrodes are not lifted out of the furnace shell. When the rotary locking oil cylinder is locked, the furnace cover is not allowed to rotate.

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