Smelting Furnace Induction Furnace Cost

Steelmaking furnace induction furnace cost

Induction furnace cost. Before understanding it, let’s understand the induction furnaces first.

Induction heating furnace is a kind of induction heating equipment that needs to heat metal workpieces.

When many metal workpieces are heated by coal-fired, gas-fired, or resistance furnaces, they are deeply troubled by slow heating speed, poor heating environment, uneven heating temperature, and excessive scale. With the development of technology, the induction heating furnace is becoming more and more mature.

In the heating of metal workpieces, not only the heating speed is fast, the loss is reduced, but also the heating is uniform and meets the requirements of environmental protection, which can greatly improve the quality of metal workpiece heating.

For the induction furnace equipment, especially the medium frequency induction furnace, it is a very mature equipment, which is widely used in the mechanical thermal processing industry, and has a large and extensive use.

Many users do not pay too much attention to the technical parameters of the intermediate frequency induction furnace equipment, but only pursue the lowest price of the induction furnace cost. This phenomenon is very bad.

The various costs of induction furnace equipment have been detailed after decades of development, and the price transparency is very high.

Hani Metallurgy believes that manufacturers will not quote high prices and reject customers who make inquiries.

So, what factors will the induction furnace cost be affected by? It can be seen from the following items:

1.In the design of induction furnace equipment, technical knowledge support, technical personnel cost support, and design tool support are required, and the design cost is more;

2.Material procurement cost, transportation cost, and high-quality, good-brand materials and components that meet technical requirements for medium-frequency induction furnace equipment;

3.The management cost of induction furnace equipment auxiliary personnel, such as office personnel, drivers, gatekeepers, warehouses, etc., all need equipment price support;

4.In the manufacture of induction furnace equipment, the manufacturing personnel belong to the front line, and a series of production processes such as welding of the furnace frame, assembly of the power supply, and debugging of the intermediate frequency induction furnace equipment require a lot of costs;

5.The after-sales service of induction furnace equipment is also very important. Intermediate frequency induction furnace equipment belongs to non-standard heating equipment. Without good after-sales service, it is tantamount to cutting itself off from the induction furnace equipment market, and these after-sales services also have a certain cost;

6.The high-quality design, manufacture, service and selection of materials and components of the induction furnace may be higher in price and cost than manufacturers who cut corners;

7.The induction furnace cost will also be affected by smelting materials, capacity, efficiency and other aspects.

The simple analysis above shows that the induction furnace cost is inseparable from the actual production cost. For safe and efficient production and smelting, it is necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer with quality assurance, good products and after-sales service.

If you have any questions about induction furnaces, EAF, SAF, LF, etc., Xi’an Hani Tech will provide suitable, professional, high-efficiency, and low-energy consumption induction furnaces to every customer according to specific raw materials and smelting requirements.

We will also continue to export relevant knowledge of the metal smelting industry, welcome to continue to pay attention to us. Any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

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