Submerged Arc Furnace Design For Smelting

Submerged Arc Furnace Design Principle

Submerged arc furnace design: The SAF is mainly used for reducing and smelting raw materials such as ore, carbonaceous reducing agent and solvent. It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, ferrotungsten, silicon-manganese alloy and other ferroalloys, which are important industrial raw materials in the metallurgical industry and chemical raw materials such as calcium carbide. Its working characteristic is to use carbonaceous or magnesia refractory material as furnace lining and use self-cultivation electrode. The electrode is inserted into the charge for submerged arc operation, using the energy and current of the arc to pass through the charge, and generating energy due to the resistance of the charge to smelt metal.

Main Uses & Categories of Submerged Arc Furnace

CategoryMain IngreadientManufacturesTemperature ReflexPower Consumption ( KW*h/t )
Ferrosilicon Furnace (45% ferrosilicon)Ferrosilicon, Scrap Iron, CokeFerrosilicon1550-17702100-5500
Ferrosilicon Furnace (75% ferrosilicon)Ferrosilicon, Scrap Iron, CokeFerrosilicon1550-17708000-11000
Ferromanganese FurnaceManganese ore, Scrap Iron, Coke, LimeFerromanganese1500-14002400-4000
Chrome Iron FurnaceChrome Ore, Silica, CokeFerrochrome1600-17503200-6000
Iron Tungsten FurnaceTungsten Crystal Ore, CokeIron Tungsten2400-29003000-5000
Silicon Chrome FurnaceFerrochrome, Silica, CokeSilicon Chromium Alloy1600-17503500-6500
Silicon Manganese FurnaceManganese Ore, Silica, Scrap Iron, CokeSilicon Manganese Alloy1350-14003500-4000
Steelmaking Electric FurnaceIron Ore, CokePig Iron1500-16001800-2500
Calcium Carbide FurnaceLimestone, CokeCalcium Carbide1900-20002900-3200
Boron Carbide FurnaceBoron Oxide, CokeBoron Carbide1800-2500About 20000
Main uses and categories of submerged arc furnace

P.S: The power consumption value varies greatly depending on the raw material, the composition of the finished product, the circuit capacity, etc. The above are only estimates.

Structural Features

The submerged arc furnace is an industrial electric furnace with huge power consumption.

The structure of submerged arc furnace design: mainly consists of furnace shell, fume hood, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressing and lifting system, loading and unloading system, controller, burn-through device, Hydraulic system, submerged arc furnace transformer and various electrical equipment.

Method Principle

Under normal circumstances, in order to solve the problem of low power factor of submerged arc furnaces, capacitor compensation is generally used in the submerged arc furnace design in our country. Usually, reactive power compensation is performed on the high-voltage side, but since the high-voltage side compensation cannot solve the problem of three-phase balance, and because the inductive reactance of the short network accounts for more than 70% of the inductive reactance of the entire system, the high-voltage side compensation does not reduce the short network. System inductive reactance, improve short-circuit power factor.

Some units have also adopted the measures of high and low voltage at the same time reactive power compensation on the newly built furnace to solve the above problems. Compensation at the short grid side can greatly improve the power factor of the short grid side and reduce power consumption. In view of the large reactive power consumption and unbalance of the short grid on the low voltage side of the furnace transformer, and taking into account the effective improvement of the power factor, the reactive power compensation in situ technical transformation is implemented , technically speaking, it’s reliable and mature, and economically speaking, the input and output are proportional. On the low-voltage side of the submerged arc furnace, the reactive power on-site compensation is implemented for the three-phase unbalance caused by the short-circuit reactive power consumption and the inconsistent arrangement length, whether it is to improve the power factor, absorb harmonics, or increase production and reduce consumption. , all have the incomparable advantages of high voltage compensation. However, due to the high cost and the harsh working environment, the service life is greatly affected. At the same time, the reactive power compensation at the low voltage side of the short network also brings about an increase in harmonics. Therefore, measures must be taken to suppress the 3rd to 7th harmonics. As a result, the investment is increased, the investment recovery period is prolonged, and the follow-up maintenance cost is high, and the comprehensive benefit is poor. Generally only applicable to new furnaces.

Therefore, in smelting projects, we generally make submerged arc furnace design according to the final needs of customers, so as to meet various requirements and make the equipment work more safely and efficiently.

Through the above analysis, we have a further understanding of the submerged arc furnaces. If you have any supplements or needs, please feel free to contact us!