Submerged Arc Furnace India

What is Submerged Arc Furnace for Ferrochrome Production?

A new ferroalloy submerged arc furnace India plant is planned in Bagadiya, India.

Mumbai, June 29 (Argus) – India’s Bagadiya Alloys plans to build a new ferroalloy submerged arc furnace plant in the Balodabazar-Bhatapara district of Chhattisgarh, anticipating domestic ferroalloy demand as steel production capacity increases will grow in the long term.

The proposed ferroalloy submerged arc furnace India plant will have the capacity to produce 50,400 t/y of ferromanganese, 28,800 t/y of silicon manganese, 30,000 t/y of ferrochromium and 14,000 t/y of ferrosilicon.

At the max production capacity, the company will require around 114,660 tonnes/year of manganese ore, and 60,000 tonnes/year of chrome ore, and plans to source domestically. The plant has plans to sell the alloy in the domestic market, and they also plan to export if necessary.

Therefore the total electricity demand for the project is 18.5MW and will be sourced from the Chhattisgarh grid. The plant can also produce 50,400 tons of pig iron per year.

Cause of the plans for the ferroalloy submerged arc furnace India plant is in the initial stages. The company has received permission from the Indian Ministry of Environment to conduct environmental impact studies. The project is expected to be completed within 1-3 years of receipt of all required approvals.

The submerged arc furnace is an industrial electric furnace with large power consumption. Submerged arc furnace mainly consists of a furnace shell, furnace cover, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressing system, lifting system, loading and unloading system, controller, burn-through device, hydraulic system, submerged arc furnace Transformers, and various electrical equipment.

According to the structural characteristics and working characteristics of the submerged arc furnace, 70% of the system reactance of the submerged arc furnace is generated by the short network system.

Main application: The submerged arc furnace is mainly used to produce ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, ferrotungsten, silicon manganese, and other ferroalloys.

Equipment features: submerged arc furnace’s working characteristics are as follows: it uses carbon or magnesium refractory materials as the lining and uses self-cultivation electrodes. The electrode is inserted into the charge for submerged arc operation, using the energy of the arc and the energy generated by the resistance of the current to pass through the furnace charges to smelt metal, feeding continuously, intermittently tapping iron slag, then an industrial electric furnace that operates in good continuous condition.

Equipment composition: submerged arc furnace body, low fume hood, controller system, short net system, feeding, cloth, feeding system, hydraulic system, cooling water system, pneumatic system, transformer, high-voltage power supply system, low-voltage control system, computer operating system, other auxiliary tapping equipment, etc.