Submerged Arc Furnace Manufacturers In India

Submerged Arc Furnace Manufacturers In India

Submerged arc furnace manufacturers in India Xi’an Hani Tech. is located in Xi’an, China, providing professional solutions and services to many Indian customers.

As the submerged arc furnace selected by the customer, let us understand its advantages and characteristics.


The submerged arc furnace is an industrial electric furnace with huge power consumption. Mainly composed of furnace shell, furnace cover, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressing and lifting system, loading and unloading system, controller, burn-through device, hydraulic system, submerged arc furnace Transformers and various electrical equipment.

The furnaces required by submerged arc furnaces manufacturers in India are mainly used to reduce raw materials such as smelting ores, carbonaceous reducing agents and solvents. It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, ferrotungsten, silicon-manganese alloy and other ferroalloys, which are important industrial raw materials in the metallurgical industry and chemical raw materials such as calcium carbide.

The working characteristic of submerged arc furnace is to use carbonaceous or magnesia refractory material as lining and use self-cultivation electrode. The electrode is inserted into the charge for submerged arc operation, using the energy and current of the arc to pass through the charge, and generating energy due to the resistance of the charge to smelt metal.

The load of the submerged arc furnace transformer is continuous and stable, the impedance voltage is low, the number of voltage regulation stages is large, and the level difference is small and the overload capacity is strong. It can be divided into on-load and non-excitation voltage regulation. Generally, the first few stages have constant capacity output, and the latter stages have constant current output.

The development direction of submerged arc furnace

1.The submerged arc furnace is developing in the direction of high power and large-scale, in order to improve thermal efficiency, improve productivity and meet the process requirements of centralized power smelting;

2.Using low frequency (0.3-3Hz) smelting can save and improve product quality.

3.Equipped with smoke and dust removal and energy recovery devices.

4.Develop a hollow electrode system, smaller particles of fine materials can be added from the hollow electrode, saving energy, saving electrode consumption, and stabilizing the molten pool.

5.Adopt furnace body rotating structure.

6.Research and develop a computer process software system suitable for various submerged arc furnace process requirements to guide the smelting and make the smelting reach the best state. Thereby improving product quality, reducing energy consumption and increasing production

Submerged arc furnace installation

Submerged arc furnace manufacturers in India

The submerged arc furnace manufacturers in India have basically the same requirements and precautions as customers in other countries during installation. The installation procedure of the SAF can be formulated according to the actual situation on site.

The installation sequence introduced by HANI is for reference only:

The installation of electric furnace structural components is from bottom to top, and the installation of electrode system components is from top to bottom.

Installation of structural components of submerged arc furnace: electric furnace bottom I-beam, furnace body rotating system, furnace shell and tap hole, low smoke hood, flue, smoke exhaust in front of furnace, blanking system.

Installation of electrode system components: electrode sealing device, electrode lifting device, electrode pressing and releasing device, electrode holder. Then there is the installation of short net, water cooling system and burn-through device.

Finally, the installation and piping of the hydraulic system.

The following parts of the platform of the blanking system should be carried out after the short net is installed.

Submerged arc furnace manufacturers in India do more than meet customer needs in the Indian market. HANI Metallurgy has always been committed to providing professional and guaranteed products to customers in need around the world. Whether it is India, Iran, Uzbekistan, Fiji and other countries, there are many projects.

Welcome to follow us to learn more about submerged arc furnace equipment, metal smelting furnace and other information. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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