Submerged Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer

3000KVA Submerged Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer

Brief introduction of Submerged Electric arc furnace

Submerged electric arc furnace, also known as an electric arc furnace or resistance electric furnace, also known as reduction electric furnace, or submerged electric furnace, one end of the electrode is buried in the material layer, and an arc is formed in the material layer, and the material is heated by the resistance heating of the material layer itself. It is often used for smelting iron alloys (see Ferroalloy electric furnace), smelting nickel matte, and copper matte (see nickel, copper), and producing calcium carbide (calcium carbide) state by the 3000KVA submerged electric arc furnace manufacturer Hani Metallurgy.

The submerged arc furnace is mainly used for reducing and smelting raw materials such as ore, carbonaceous reducing agents, and solvents.

The submerged electric arc furnace mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochromium, ferrotungsten, silicon-manganese alloy, and other ferroalloys, which are important industrial raw materials in the metallurgical industry and chemical raw materials such as calcium carbide.

Submerged arc furnace equipment composition:

The submerged arc furnace is mainly composed of a furnace shell, furnace cover, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressing and lifting system, loading and unloading system, controller, burn-through device, hydraulic system, Submerged arc furnace transformer and various electrical equipment and other components.

3000KVA Submerged Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer

Product variety standards and raw material technical conditions are as follows:

1.1. Product varieties and standards

The design mainly considers the production of manganese-based ferroalloys. Mainly in the manganese-silicon alloy, and high-carbon ferromanganese, and in the future, it will also produce medium and low-carbon ferromanganese.

1.2. The product standard is:

Manganese-silicon alloy GB/T4008—1996 Specific examples are omitted

Production process and production technical indicators:

2.1. Submerged Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer Production capacity:

Take the production of manganese-silicon alloy Mn68Si18 as an example:
The daily output of a single electric furnace is 132t. The specific calculation is omitted.
The annual output of a single electric furnace is calculated as 330 days, and the annual output is: 43560t

2.2. Submerged Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer Process flow

2.2.1 Manganese Silicon Alloy

Manganese ore
Silica Quartz
Automatic weighing of ingredients
Furnace top silo
Smelting in the furnace
Cast iron
Clag casting
Finishing and warehousing
(Sampling Analysis)

2.2.2. Submerged Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer Logistics Description

The qualified raw materials in the raw material yard, such as manganese ore, coke, auxiliary materials, etc., are transferred from the low-level silo of the raw material yard to the high-level silo of the batching area number according to the requirements through the belt conveying system.

According to the technical instructions and the prescribed batching procedures, the batching operator will distribute the materials in the high-level silo through the automatic batching system, and then transport the batches of batches to the hopper of the electric furnace feeding system through the belt, and start the feeding system. hopper. It is transported to the furnace top silo platform through the inclined bridge, and the prepared materials are poured into the intermediate hopper set on the furnace top silo platform.

The hopper of the feeding system returns starts the conveying system connected with the intermediate hopper and transfers the batches of the intermediate hopper to the furnace top distribution trolley, and the furnace top distribution trolley unloads the batches into the furnace top silo along the annular track.

The charge in the silo on the top of the furnace enters the furnace for smelting through the material pipe.

According to the iron tapping system formulated by the smelting technology, after the specified smelting time, the operator in front of the furnace will start the hole opening machine to open the hole, and the molten iron and liquid slag in the furnace will be released from the furnace hole.

The ladle and slag pot at the lower edge of the launder of the furnace eye are arranged in a stepped arrangement according to the process arrangement before the furnace.

The molten iron and liquid slag enter the molten iron ladle through the furnace eye flow trough. As the liquid level rises, the molten iron pushes the liquid slag floating on the molten iron surface with light-specific gravity into the slag tank until the tapping is completed.

Use the vertical winch system to pull out the ladle and slag pot placed on the tapping trolley through the rails. The molten iron ladle is hoisted to the slag scraping area with a crane, and then the molten iron ladle after the slag scraping is lifted to the ingot mold in the pouring area for pouring operation.

Sampling is performed while pouring, and sampling is performed according to the sampling rules. After the pouring is completed, the empty bag is hoisted to the slag removal area to be cooled and the slag removed.

Lift the slag pot to the slag-flushing area with a crane for flushing the slag. After the slag flushing is completed, the slag pot is cleaned and placed on the trolley in front of the furnace to enter the next tapping procedure.

When the manganese-silicon alloy in the ingot mold is cooled to complete solidification, the manganese-silicon alloy is taken out of the ingot mold with a crane and a special iron clip and placed in a special iron bucket to continue cooling.

The iron bucket with manganese-silicon alloy is sent to the finishing workshop for finishing operation according to the finishing technical requirements.

Weigh, pack, store, and stack according to the requirements of component stacking according to the test sheet.

When the water slag in the slag flushing tank reaches a certain amount, use the grab hopper to take out the water slags and send them to the slag yard or sell it to the cement plant for secondary treatment.

2.3. Submerged Electric Arc Furnace Manufacturer Production Technical Indicators

Take the Mn68Si18 grade as an example.
Cause the actual composition is Mn65Si17, and the average daily output is 132 tons.
Mn recovery rate≥80%
So the power consumption is ≤4200KWh / basic ton.