Transformer Operation & Maintenance

Transformer Operation & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

The electric arc furnace transformer should strengthen the daily maintenance work, and carry out minor repairs and major repairs on a regular basis.

1. Monitor

The so-called monitoring is to monitor the load of the electric arc furnace transformers, conduct external inspections regularly and observe the condition of the oil.

The operator on duty relies on the ammeters of each phase on the low-voltage side to monitor the load of the transformers.

The three-phase no-load voltage value should be recorded after each switching of voltage sections.

At the beginning and end of each smelting cycle, the oil temperature of the upper layer of the transformers should be recorded to judge whether the transformers is working normally and the cooling system is free of obstacles to prevent accidents.

2. Transformer Minor Repairs

The transformers minor repair cycle is twice a year. The minor repairs are as follows:

(1) Check the insulation resistance of the coil together with the bushing.

(2) Remove the dirt on the low-voltage lead-out sleeve and insulator.

(3) Check the entire transformer and its accessories from the outside, check all contact connections, and eliminate defects at the same time.

(4) Check the oil level and discharge the dirt from the oil pillow. Fill the tank with oil if necessary.

(5) If the maintenance cycle is reached, the switch needs to be repaired.

(6) Take out the oil sample from the transformer oil tank and the diverter switch oil tank for inspection test (the inspection items are the same as the power transformers).

(7) Check and repair the cooling device of the transformers.

(8) Carry out preventive tests (methods and standards are the same as for power transformers).

(9) Make preparations before the transformer is energized. Remove the short-to-ground wire and check the insulation resistance of the coil and incoming cable again with a megohmmeter.

3. Transformer Overhaul

The regular overhaul of the furnace transformer should be carried out one year after the start of operation, and every five years thereafter. The overhaul includes:

(1) Disassemble the transformer and send it to the repair workshop. Open the big cover and check the hanging center.

(2) Check the fixing of the coil and the clamping of the magnetic conductor, check all contact connections, flush the coil and magnetic conductor with oil, purify the transformer oil, assemble the transformers and test the sealing condition of the transformer tank.

Other conditions for overhaul, such as test, hanging core environment, etc., are the same as power transformers.

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