Used Electric Arc Furnace For Sale in India

Used Electric Arc Furnace For Sale in India

Equipment Technology of Used Electric Arc Furnace for Sales in India


5t three-phase used electric arc furnace for sale in India, the structure of the used electric arc steelmaking furnace adopts the furnace cover to remove the top charging, the tapping nozzle taps, and the right or left operation is selected by the user. Electrode lifting is mechanical, furnace body tilting and furnace cover lifting and rotation are hydraulic, and electrical control is controlled by PLC (Siemens) regulator.

Main features of the used electric arc furnace for sale in India:

This steelmaking used electric arc furnace for sale in India can use alkaline or acid lining as required and can melt carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and other varieties. This electric arc furnace equipment has the following main features:

  1. The electric furnace equipment is the furnace cover unscrewing, top charging, tapping nozzle, and semi-elevated arrangement.
  2. Using copper-steel composite conductive cross-arm, the whole is a column type.
  3. Using large-section water-cooled cables.
  4. Using the whole furnace shell, the structure is firm and the rigidity is good.
  5. Using water-cooled furnace cover structure, long service life.
  6. The most advanced intelligent PLC electrode regulator is adopted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the electrode automatic system to the greatest extent.
  7. The tilting of the electric furnace body and the rotation of the furnace cover is hydraulically driven to improve the stability and reliability of the equipment.
  8. Hydraulic system The hydraulic pump is used and prepared.
  9. The hydraulic oil tank is a stainless steel oil tank.
  10. The electrode automatic lifting system is equipped with a non-conductive signaling device to prevent the electrode from breaking.
  11. The transformer can be overloaded by 20% and has sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that it can withstand frequent short-circuit impacts.
  12. The transformer is of strong oil circulating water cooling (OFWF) and adopts a trouble-free strong oil circulating water cooler.
  13. The no-load switch is electrically controlled.

The Use Environment of Used Electric Arc Furnace for Sale in India

  1. The altitude does not exceed 2000m;
  2. Ambient temperature: within the range of 0~40℃;
  3. The monthly average of the daily maximum relative humidity in the wettest month in the area of ​​use is not more than 90%;
  4. There is no conductive dust, explosive gas, or corrosive gas that can seriously lose metal and insulation around;
  5. Obvious vibration and bumps.

Smelting cycle

Smelting cycle130~160min (tapping–tapping)
Power-on time110~140min(20℃→1650℃)
Oxygen blowing amount30-50m3/t molten steel
Auxiliary time20 min
Feeding (twice)8 min
Tapping3 min
Repair and tap packing3 min
Other auxiliary time6 min

Main parameters of the used electric arc furnace for sale in India

Furnace Body

Nominal capacity5t
Maximum tapping8t
The inner diameter of the furnace shellΦ3200mm
Operation formRight or left operation (user selected)
tilt angleTapping 42°; Tapping 12°
Tapping formTapping nozzle tapping
Furnace cover lift height350mm
Furnace cover rotation angle~82°
Hoisting weight of furnace shellAbout 63t (including furnace lining)


Transformer rated capacity3150MVA
Transformer primary voltage10KV
Transformer secondary voltage240-110V
Voltage regulationClass 4 (no-load electric voltage regulation)
Transformer secondary rated current7.7KA
Transformer cooling formStrong oil circulating water cooling
The impedance value of the short network≤2.7mΩ
Three-phase impedance unbalance factor≤6%

Electrode parameters

Graphite electrode diameterΦ300mm (high power graphite electrode)
Electrode distribution circle diameterΦ850mm
Electrode rising speed3m/min (automatic) 4m/min (manual)
Electrode descending speed2m/min (automatic) 3m/min (manual)
Electrode lift maximum stroke1800mm