Used Electric Arc Furnace for Sale 

Used Electric Arc Furnace for Sale 

The used electric arc furnace for sale (EAF-20t/12500KVA) uses electric energy as heat energy and uses the high temperature of the arc generated between the electrode and the charge to heat and melt the charge.

Second-hand electric arc furnaces are used for smelting ordinary steel, high-quality carbon steel, various alloy steels, and stainless steel production. They are widely used and are key equipment in steel mills and foundries.

Used Electric Arc Furnace for Sale Technical Characteristics:

Water-cooled furnace wall, water-cooled furnace cover; eccentric bottom tapping; conductive composite cross arm; advanced intelligent electrode lift regulator, energy saving and consumption reduction; industrial configuration screen monitoring system.

1. Can flexibly grasp the temperature: in the smelting process, by controlling the current and voltage, the smelting temperature can be flexibly grasped, so as to hide the need for smelting the unreachable steel.

2. The used electric arc furnace for sale has simple equipment, a short technological process, and high thermal efficiency.

3. The atmosphere in the furnace can be controlled.

4. A large amount of phosphorus, sulfur, oxygen and other impurities of steel can be removed in the process of alkaline electric arc furnace steelmaking, improving the quality of steel, the recovery rate of the alloy is high and stable, the chemical composition of steel is relatively easy to control, and the smelting process many types of steel.

HX type EBT steelmaking arc with LF ladle refining furnace is used for remelting and smelting scrap steel, and is used for the smelting of high-quality carbon steel, low-alloy steel, alloy structural steel, and various special alloy steels. EBT electric arc furnace is an electric arc steelmaking furnace in the form of rotary charging of the furnace cover, eccentric bottom tapping, and a one-piece elevated installation structure.

The refining furnaces of used electric arc furnaces for sale are equipped with: conductive cross arms, tubular water-cooled furnace walls, and water-cooled furnace covers, as well as steel-making equipment with advanced technologies such as electrode electro-hydraulic proportional control and computer monitoring.

The used electric arc furnace for sales equipment above is equipped with high and low-voltage power distribution systems, operating systems, hydraulic systems, complete equipment, and easy and simple operation.

Used EAF-20t/12500KVA) for sale Main Technical Parameters

1. Main Technical Parameters:

Transformer rated capacityUnitParameterRemark
Nominal capacityt20 
Average tappingt25 
Tapping to tapping timemin90Oxygen blowing
Operation form right or left operationup to the user
Furnace shell diametermmΦ4200 
Transformer rated capacityKVA12500 
Transformer primary side voltageKV6.3 
Transformer secondary side voltageV314-116Level 13
Voltage regulation On-load electric voltage regulation 
Transformer secondary side rated currentKA22.98 
Secondary terminal outgoing method Inner seal △ side outlet 
Transformer cooling form Strong oil circulating water cooling 
The impedance value of the short network≤2.68 
Three-phase impedance balance factor≤7 
Graphite electrode diametermmΦ400High Power Graphite Electrodes
Conductive cross arm Copper-steel composite panel 
Electrode chuck Copper 
Electrode distribution circle diametermmΦ1100 
Electrode rising speedm/min6 
Electrode descending speedm/min4 
Electrode lift maximum strokemm2800 
Tapping method Tapping slot 
Tilt angledegreeTapping 45, tapping 15 
Tipping speed°/STapping 1, Slag 1Quick back 3
Furnace cover lift heightmm400 
Furnace cover rotation angledegree~82º 
Furnace cover lifting and rotation method Hydraulic drive 
Hydraulic system   
System working pressureMPa12 
Hydraulic medium water-glycol 
System filter precisionц< 156-stage filtration
Electrode lift control method Electro-hydraulic proportional valve 
Cooling water system   
Inlet pressureMPaOpen loop 0.3 
Inlet water temperature≤ 35 
return water temperature≤ 55 
Cooling water flowM3/h350 
Accident water   
Water volume 200 

Main economic consumption indicators of equipment:

Serial numberNameUnitParameterRemark
1Power consumptionKW.h/t610 
2Oxygen consumptionNm³/t30-40 
3Electrode consumptionkg/t5-6 
4Cooling water consumptionm3/h~350 
5Equipment installed capacityKw~240