Used Induction Furnace for Sale

Used Induction Furnace for Sale

1 Ton Used Induction Furnace for Sale

1 Ton Intermediate Frequency Melting Induction Furnace Time:

Technical data of steel shell furnace for 1 ton used induction furnace for sale, mainly based on steel melting demand, non-ferrous metal melting, etc., equipment supporting cooling cycle system is closed cooling tower, tilting furnace hydraulic station control system.

  1. Name: Intermediate frequency steel shell melting induction furnace
  2. Rated power: 500-800KW
  3. Equipment frequency: 1000HZ
  4. Line voltage: 380V
  5. Intermediate frequency voltage: 750V
  6. Cooling water flow: 60t/h
  7. Melting temperature: 1550-1600℃

Equipment Composition

  1. Intermediate frequency power cabinet
  2. Intermediate frequency capacitor cabinet
  3. Water-cooled cable
  4. Hydraulic station
  5. Steel shell furnace body (including induction coil, yoke)
  6. Crucible
  7. Tilt furnace operation console
  8. Closed cooling tower

Advantages of 1 Ton Used Induction Furnace for Sale

(1) Fast melting speed and high production efficiency. Under the same conditions, the melting speed of the intermediate frequency induction furnace is fast and the production efficiency is high.

(2) Strong adaptability and flexible use.

(3) The effect of electromagnetic stirring is better.

(4) Easy to start and operate.

The intermediate frequency furnace heating device has the advantages of small size, lightweight, high efficiency, excellent thermal processing quality, and a favorable environment. It is rapidly eliminating coal-fired furnaces, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and ordinary resistance furnaces. It is a new generation of metal heating equipment.

Due to the above advantages, medium-frequency induction furnaces have not only been widely used in the production of steel and alloys in recent years, but also in the production of cast iron, especially in foundry workshops with periodic operations.

Application of Used Induction Furnace for Sale

Core induction melting furnace

Copper, aluminum, zinc, and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, smelting and heat preservation of cast iron, and heat preservation of molten iron and steel.

Coreless induction melting furnace

Melting and heat preservation of steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Among them, the short coil furnace is used for heat preservation;

Iron crucible furnace is used for low melting point alloy melting;

High-frequency furnaces are mostly used for precious metal smelting;

Vacuum induction melting furnaces are used for melting superalloys, magnetic materials, electrical alloys, high-strength steels, nuclear fuel uranium, etc.