Water Cooling System of Submerged Arc Furnace

Water Cooling System of Submerged Arc Furnace

Submerged arc furnace water cooling system is the main production equipment of ferroalloy enterprises, and the furnace temperature is generally above 1800℃.

In order to ensure its safe operation, circulating cooling water must be used to reduce the temperature of heat exchangers such as copper tiles, large sleeves, conical rings, etc., so that the heat can be dissipated in time to avoid and reduce the occurrence of furnace shutdown accidents.

Due to the calcium ions and magnesium ions in the water, and the continuous evaporation and heating of the water during operation,

When the concentration ratio reaches about 2 times, precipitation occurs, resulting in serious scaling of the circulating water pipeline.

It not only increases the shutdown time, but also shortens the service life of large sets of heat exchangers.

At the same time, it also affects various production technical indicators;

Therefore, it is necessary to soften the circulating water to avoid scaling.

The traditional treatment method is to add scale inhibitor to the circulating water pool, but practice has proved that adding scale inhibitor has poor descaling effect and is not easy to control;

Most of the circulating pools are placed in the open air. Due to direct sunlight, the proliferation of algae and bacteria will also cause equipment or pipelines to be blocked, posing a threat to production.

In addition, due to factors such as aging of cooling towers, sudden failures, and rising temperature in summer, the cooling effect of circulating water often fails to meet the requirements, resulting in excessively high water temperature and vaporization of circulating water in the heat exchanger, which is likely to result in forced shutdown. affect production.

Therefore, there is a need for a method that can avoid the clogging of the circulating water pipeline due to factors such as algae reproduction, bacterial growth, and metal ion sedimentation. And the circulating water cooling effect is good, which can ensure the submerged arc furnace circulating water cooling system for the normal production of the submerged arc furnaces.


SAF Circulating Cooling Water System

Including circulating water pipes through the submerged arc furnace heat exchanger, cooling towers, sedimentation tanks, spray systems, reservoirs, and ion exchangers.

Those skilled in the art can understand that the circulating water pipe of the heat exchanger of the submerged arc furnace refers to the water pipe sleeved outside the heat exchanger such as the copper tile, the large sleeve, the conical ring, etc., the circulating water pipe of the heat exchanger of the submerged arc furnaces, the cooling tower , The sedimentation tank and the spray system are connected by pipelines with pumps;

The spray system includes a water pipe provided with several spray nozzles, and the spray system is arranged above the reservoir;

The water reservoir, the ion exchanger, and the circulating water pipes of the submerged arc furnace heat exchanger are connected by a pipeline provided with a pump, and a sponge iron deaerator and an ultraviolet sterilization device are arranged in the reservoir;

It also includes solar panels, the ultraviolet sterilization device includes several groups of ultraviolet lamps arranged on the inner wall of the reservoir, and the solar panels and the ultraviolet lamps are connected by wires.

Among them, it also includes a waste water collection tank and a water well, and the waste water collection tank and the water well are connected with the sedimentation tank through a pipeline provided with a pump.

Among them, the sedimentation tank is composed of anthracite, quartz sand and gravel from top to bottom, the water outlet of the sedimentation tank is arranged at the bottom, and a reverse osmosis membrane is arranged at the water outlet.

Advantages of Water Cooling System

The system is equipped with a sponge iron deaerator in the reservoir, which can remove the dissolved oxygen in the water, and indirectly play a role in sterilization to avoid the growth of bacteria;

Equipped with ultraviolet sterilization device, in addition to sterilization, it can also destroy the DNA structure of most algae, making it impossible to multiply in large quantities. Compared with the conventional method of adding algae killing powder, the operation is simple and cost-saving;

Equipped with an ion exchanger, which fundamentally reduces water hardness and achieves the purpose of softening water;

The combined action of sponge iron deaerator, ultraviolet sterilizer and ion exchanger can effectively avoid pipeline scaling and affect the normal production of submerged arc furnace;

There is also a spray system. After the water is sprayed by the spray nozzle, the water falls into the reservoir, and the temperature is naturally cooled in the process, so that the cooling effect of the circulating water is better, and the circulating water is avoided due to factors such as aging of the cooling tower, sudden failure, and rising temperature in summer. The temperature is too high, causing the furnace to stop.

Above is the information about water cooling system of SAF. Would like to know more or any other requirements about EAF, SAF, LF and other melting furnace, feel free to let us know please.