Breakout In Billet Continuous Casting Process

Breakout in billet continuous casting process

Breakout in billet continuous casting process of continuous casting machine has brought the continuous casting industry to a new milestone.


Continuous casting is the abbreviation of continuous cast steel.

According to the size and shape of the casting section, the continuous casting machine can be divided into:

Slab caster,

Billet caster,

Bloom casting machine,

Round billet caster,

Special-shaped section continuous casting machine

Thin slab caster

The bloom casting machine mainly casts high-quality steel and alloy steel for rolling high-strength section steel, bar, square steel, round steel and other steels that require strict internal quality and compression ratio.

The production practice of billet continuous casting in various countries shows that:

Reducing the center segregation, center porosity, center shrinkage cavity and center crack of the slab, and reducing the pits or grooves on the slab surface are the main technical problems encountered in bloom continuous casting production.

To this end, Hani Metallurgy has started technical research since 2017, and has formed a series of slab surface quality and internal quality control technologies covering continuous casting processes and equipment.

So far, the qualified rate of the casting billet has reached 99.84%, and the non-cleaning rate of the casting billet surface is ≥95%.

The indicators such as center porosity, center segregation, and center cracks of key varieties of steel billets have been significantly improved.

It provides technical support for the production and efficiency of the billet continuous casting machine, product development and the substantial improvement of technical and economic indicators.

As a result, the breakout in billet continuous casting process has achieved a general direction change.

At that time, the casting speed of the billet continuous casting machine in the workshop was only 2 meters per minute, which was low in efficiency and could not meet the production demand at all.

The continuous casting machine is responsible for producing liquid molten steel into solid billets,

which is located in the middle of the steel production line.

However, the speed of the continuous casting machine at that time was not able to withstand the “feeding” of upstream molten steel,

and it was difficult to meet the needs of downstream processes.

It became the bottleneck of the company’s production line.

The shortcomings in industrial production must be filled as soon as possible.

Therefore, breaking the limit of the casting speed has become the main task of Hani Metallurgy.

During the five-year period, various methods were tried to increase the casting speed of the continuous caster, but most of them ended in failure.

Facing failures and challenges, Hani did not get discouraged, but kept on fighting.

Finally, after a series of attempts and efforts, the casting speed of the ccm was increased to 5 meters /minute,

which is the highest speed of continuous casting of billets in our country.

This breakthrough has greatly improved the efficiency of the continuous casting machine and reduced various costs.

The bloom caster is also required for more customer projects.

We are also proud to be able to provide professional and suitable solutions to meet the needs of our customers to the greatest extent possible.

This also further spurs us to continue our efforts to develop new and improve technology. Committed to providing customers with the most precise needs.

Regarding the above breakout in billet continuous casting process machines, you are welcome to make any additions to your knowledge.

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