Billet Production Process

billet production process

The billet production process is divided into three types: First, through the continuous casting equipment of the steelmaking system…..

Billet Casting Process Flow

billet casting process flow

The ladle with refined molten steel is transported to the rotary table. After the rotary table rotates to the pouring position, the molten steel is injected into the tundish, which then distributes the molten steel to each crystallizer through the nozzle. The mold is one of the core pieces of equipment of the continuous casting machine, which enables the casting to form and rapidly solidify and crystallize.

Billet Caster Process

billet caster process

Under normal circumstances, the devices produced by the alloy steel billet caster process are used in important parts of mechanical production. From this point of view, the processing technology of alloy steel grades is generally more complicated, regardless of the surface quality. Or internal quality, there are relatively high requirements.