Vertical Billet Casting Machine

Vertical billet casting machine

Vertical Billet Casting Machine ( continuous casting machine ) was the main model before the 1950s and 1960s.

The molten steel pouring system, mold, cutting device and billet outlet position of this continuous casting machine are all arranged on the vertical axis of the continuous casting machine.

The whole equipment takes up a lot of height space in the workshop.

During the production of the vertical slab casting machine, the slab solidifies in the mold and the secondary cooling section. Due to the vertical arrangement, the non-metallic inclusions in the liquid metal are easy to float,

The heat dissipation around the billet is also relatively uniform, and the billet is not affected by other bending forces during the drawing process.

The obtained billet has good quality and is not prone to cracks, so it is more suitable for the production of alloy steel and other steels sensitive to cracks.

However, this kind of CCM is more suitable for the production of small-section slabs due to the excessive height of the continuous casting machine and the large investment in infrastructure and equipment.


The advantages of vertical billet casting machine:

For very special steel grades, vertical casters still have advantages

Die casting and vertical continuous casting processes are still used today, and in certain cases are even the preferred solution, where quality demands are extremely high.

With no bending and straightening steps, there is virtually no limit to the grades of steel that can be cast.

In addition, the completely vertical casting direction creates the best floating conditions for non-metallic inclusions, ensuring excellent internal cleanliness of the slab.

The advanced technology package that is widely used in modern arc casters today also expands the operating range of the vertical casting process.

As a prerequisite for optimal operation, particular attention must be paid to the accuracy of the metallurgical properties used by the online system.

The latest concept of large-section round billet casting and the corresponding operating results demonstrate the unique advantages of vertical continuous casting.

1.It is an ideal solution for clean steel production

2.The vertical design creates the best conditions for the inclusions to float up to the meniscus

3.Non-metallic inclusions are effectively trapped by mold powder

4.The microstructure is completely symmetrical and the material properties are uniform

5.Electromagnetic stirring improves internal quality and optimizes microstructure

6.The heat transfer conditions of the mold are optimized, and the surface of the slab is smooth

7.The deformation of the billet is small

8.Computer-controlled operation ensures the stability of the quality level

The above is part of the knowledge about the vertical casting machine. For more details about the continuous casting machine, please continue to pay attention to us.

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